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NoStringsAttached Review: How to Use This Site and Why It’s Worth It

NoStringsAttached Review: How to Use This Site and Why It’s Worth It

NoStringsAttached has already been around for a few years, and this is why our team got quite interested in what this dating Internet site is and whether it is worth your time to create your No Strings Attached account. To get completely immersed and not miss anything crucial, we bought the offered premium membership, and here’s what we are ready to tell about this dating site in the NoStringsAttached.com review.

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Who Is the Audience of NoStringsAttached?

  • Casual relationship seekers
  • Hookups and one-night stands
  • Those looking for a sugar daddy site


    • Unlike many online dating sites, NoStringsAttached offers plenty of different options.

Versatile use.

    • The dating website offers casual dating and a webcam house under a single roof.


    • Features like hiding your profile temporarily or privatizing it increase overall safety.

Responsive app.

    • A convenient mobile version enhances the experience a lot.


    Overall, it’s a fairly priced website for dating online, regarding the quantity and quality of features.
    • Ads. Gamble video game titles all around decrease satisfaction.
    • Design. Outdated wrapping and inconvenient navigation should be revised.
    • Fake profiles. Sometimes you stumble across bots.
    📈 Visits per month:54K
    Profile verification:Yes
    ❤️ Reply rate:87%
    🌍 Most used in:US, UK, and Canada

    What’s NoStringsAttached and How to Sign-up?

    NoStringsAttached was founded in 1996; however, it doesn’t boast a huge audience flow. Among online dating services, it can be considered the oldest and earned the reputation of a reliable dating website for extramarital affairs.

    Let’s examine the sign-up process. When you just set foot on the website, you observe the following fields, all of which are necessary to fill in:

    • The username you want to be displayed
    • Your sex and whether you are single or attached
    • Who you’re looking for (single or attached as well)
    • Your e-mail (has to be validated)
    nostringsattached registration process

    After the sign-up, we immediately got the verification link sent by NoStringsAttached. At that stage, the website allows you to proceed with creating your profile.

    We were typically asked to provide details in several categories, which included:

    • Physical attributes (height, body type, etc.)
    • Personal interests or hobbies
    • The type of relationship we’re seeking
    • Our sexual preferences or kinks

    Notice that it’s up to you whether you want to share all this data with other members, no one forces you, but it will increase your popularity, as the experience demonstrated.

    Tips on How to Create a Splendid Profile on NoStringsAttached

    1. Choose a decent profile picture to stand out and attract users
    2. Fill out your profile at 100% to look trustworthy and intriguing to other users
    3. Don’t neglect videos—they help users to get ensure that you’re safe and real

    How Much Is NoStringsAttached?

    To test the website wholly, we purchased the premium membership plan and tested every single feature offered to VIP members by the dating service. So let’s estimate how worthy it is in reality.

    For 2023, these are the packages of No Strings Attached subscription available:

    1 Month$29.95
    3 Months$59.95$19.98/per month
    1 Year$149.95$12.50/per month

    Free Features That are Offered to Standard Members

    Free members are quite limited on NoStringsAttached and are not offered much to get the feel before deciding whether to invest. Here are the main options every standard member can opt for:

    • Browsing profiles. This feature allows you to view other users’ profiles. Doing this lets you learn about their interests, preferences, and what they’re seeking, which is quite useful.
    • Basic search. This function lets you search for other users based on basic criteria such as age and location. It’s a vital feature, but it’s fairly useless, as you probably won’t be eager to date someone you know only about age and GEO.
    • Limited messaging. Free users usually have access to a messaging system but with limitations. For example, you might only be able to send a limited number of messages per day or only reply to messages from premium users.
    • Viewing photos. Free users can view other users’ public photos. These can give you a better sense of who the person is and whether you’re attracted to them, so it’s essential.
    • Likes and Hotlists. Allows you to ‘like’ other profiles or add them to your Hotlist. This feature allows you to express interest and keep track of profiles you’re interested in.
    nostringsattached members

    Now let’s set out the premium membership advantages and their relevant pricing.

    Premium Membership Price and Features

    All packages open the possibility of the following options to the premium members:

    • To view secret photos of the members and their videos. You unlock secret albums where users post their most spicy images. Surprisingly, we found out that not many users would do that.
    • To enjoy webcams and chatting during the broadcasting. Webcams of live cam models are a different section of the NoStringsAttached, and it’s worth being paid for owing to the quality and the variety of categories.
    • Messaging users and replying to their messages. As a primary method of communication, chat rooms are crucial here, and we must say that you won’t go far without them.
    • Accessing the “Who’s viewing me” list. We could go without this option, but it’s a nice bonus to view your admirers.
    • Change your gender. We didn’t feel the urge to use this option and still can’t say whether it’s useful.
    • Initiate private phone calls. This is a unique option that allows closer connection with users, and it’s worth being paid for.
    • Join a “Fun Club.” If you like a particular webcam model, you can join her fan club and enjoy the privileges of the private network (such as discounts, private shows, and so on).
    • “Open the door” feature. You can allow free account owners to view your VIP profile and contact you. It’s a great option that makes your experience more flexible.
    nostringsattached members videos

    To wrap up, we are 80% satisfied with the plans and the features provided to premium users. While there are one or two pretty much useless options, the majority are exclusive and can bring much fun. Besides, the appearance of the premium membership allows one to identify who’s genuinely committed to finding a date.

    How to Look for Matches on NoStringsAttached

    As we explored NoStringsAttached, we paid attention to the functionality and ease of use so that we could share our insights with you. Here’s what we learned about the search and messaging features.

    How Does Search Work?

    For an internet dating site, NoStringsAttached has a somewhat counterintuitive search feature that took a few tries to figure out. Here’s what you need to know to make it work for you:

    • The “Home” tab includes around 20 profiles that are supposed to match your preferences, though they didn’t always for us, as we got about 30% of male profiles.
    • The “Find members” tab includes your match preferences, though you still need to use filters on the left to customize results, as you’ll get random profiles otherwise.
    • The basic free filters let us narrow down the age, gender, location of potential matches, and relationship expectations.
    • Advanced search is available via the fine print link under the “Search Now” button, but we usually skip most filters. Specifying hair color, religion, education, and languages are spoken seemed redundant for people looking for casual sex.
    • Search results appeared on the right, with basic information, like photo, age, and location, as well as three action buttons: Hotlist, Flirt, and Email.
    • Username search was available in a separate box on the left, though new members are unlikely to make use of it, while regulars can probably add their favorites to the Hotlist to keep track.
    • The saved search became available after an upgrade and was pretty useful as we experimented with different types and parameters. We believe it can be helpful for people who like to switch things up.
    nostringsattached search filters

    Like most NoStringsAttached features, basic and advanced search are fast and effective, despite the somewhat outdated look. And we found filtering profiles to those with photos to be the advanced search’s most helpful feature, as surprisingly, many profiles lacked profile pictures.

    What Do Profiles Look Like?

    Getting to know fellow NoStringsAttached members requires a premium upgrade, as standard membership does not provide access to full profile information. But once we upgraded, we quickly learned the basics of the interface:

    • Hover to learn more. Hovering over the profile card in search results and video search pages launches a popup with a tagline, location and distance, search goals, and additional photo and video thumbnails.
    • Click to see the full profile. Clicking on the username or profile photo opens the user page. Basic details, including appearance and lifestyle information, are at the top, with the main picture. Below, explicit details, including kinks, are listed, along with additional photos and videos uploaded.
    • Choose contact means. Picking one of the action buttons within the profile can send the member a “Flirt” or “Hotlist” notification and open the messaging interface to launch a conversation.
    nostringsattached account

    Despite the verification procedures in place, we still found plenty of unfinished, barely filled profiles, which probably belonged to people just curious to see what NoStringsAttached was about. In contrast, the hottest webcam models had extremely detailed and highly rated profiles. Still, the majority of users had at least a handful of photos and some personal details, enough to get us excited.

    How to Contact Potential Matches?

    Mostly, the NoStringsAttached site active audience relies on messages to arrange hookups or exchange contact details. However, we found enough useful twists to the functionality worth mentioning, such as:

    • Instant messaging. We found the IM envelope icon in search results and user profiles and could access chat history through the “Inbox” page.
    • Handy filters. The menu on the left lets us filter messages from certain members, create bulk messages, and save drafts. Overall, the messaging options were very similar to regular email.
    • Custom folders and search. These features once again reminded us of using email, though sometimes we wished the messaging interface was closer to Messenger than Outlook.
    • Default quick replies. Found at the top right-hand corner of the “Inbox” page, the drop-down menu hosts about a dozen stock responses we could use for multiple conversation threads. We found it particularly useful for handling the initial influx of pick-up lines.

    Like most other features on NoStringsAttached, messaging was well-thought-out and comfortable to use but lacking in user-friendliness and looks. Still, most users don’t come to such websites to chat, so we believe videos make up for the shortcomings of the Inbox interface.

    What Makes NoStringsAttached Special?

    NoStringsAttached offers a generous mix of webcam and online hookup features, but we’d like to emphasize those the website promotes most:

    • “Open the door” is the way for VIP members to let non-VIP users contact them. It can be helpful for people interested in local hookups. Still, it costs extra beyond the monthly subscription, and you can expect an influx of messages, so default responses might be a way to go initially.
    • Search results highlight—another feature tailored to people interested in finding casual sex locally, as it boosts the profile to the top of the results page and colors the messages in the inbox. Still, we don’t believe it’s necessary for a successful search, considering the extra cost.
    • Fan club membership will get you exclusive benefits with particular models. However, we suggest viewing their member videos and public performances before joining the club, as it will also add to your monthly expenses.

    Setting up either of these features takes just a few minutes, though we remind you that the charge will be monthly unless you cancel it in time.

    User Experience

    Catty Milf

    She was the first to send us a message, and she was bold enough to describe her needs and desires explicitly. That, along with her mind-blowing dominatrix getup in the profile photo, kept us engaged for a dozen messages or so. In the end, we couldn’t promise to fulfill her needs, and she lost interest. But she was proof that NoStringsAttached is just as popular among mature daters as it is among millennials.

    Sex-Starved College Girl

    We chose the profile with the most high-quality photo and found an excitable, if inexperienced, college girl on the other end of a hundred-message-long thread. She was eager to share her fantasies, though unlikely to actually fulfill them. We had fun playing dirty versions of “Truth or Dare” and “Would you rather” with her and were close to getting an IRL date when someone else caught her eye. Our chats petered out naturally after that.

    Russian Temptress

    We stumbled across her profile on accident in the first days of using the website and were immediately hooked on the sexy photos and recorded webcam shows. She held daily shows we were happy to attend, and we were even tempted to join the fan club but ultimately decided against it. We never chatted directly, resorting to public chat, but we believe it’s the professional models like this Russian girl who make NoStringsAttached as popular as it is.

    Expert take on No Strings Attached

    Brett Wagner
    NoStringsAttached rate

    After a few weeks on NoStringsAttached, we have only two major complaints about the website: the awkward early 2000s layout and the multiple upsells beyond the VIP upgrade. But as we got over the small initial inconveniences, we had a lot of fun exploring this discreet community of like-minded people. We believe it has more than enough to satisfy both those looking for mindless online fun and hardcore offline hookups for fans of all types of kinks and fetishes. With a 12-month plan, VIP rates are a bargain compared to rival sites, and even without extras, users get plenty of mileage for the money.

    5 Tips to Make NoStringsAttached Work for You

    • Add at least one photo to make your profile more popular among NoStringsAttached users.
    • Check your activity feed often, as it holds info on everyone who viewed your profile, flirted, and added you to their Hotlist.
    • Filter out profiles without photos using advanced search to avoid fake profiles and bots.
    • “Open the door” for standard members if you want local hookups or join a Fan club if you’re after webcam fun.
    • Check out useful cheating tips if you want to keep your experience on NoStringsAttached discreet.


    NoStringsAttached is a versatile casual sex and virtual affair platform with many unique features and a flexible pricing plan. Hopefully, our No Strings Attached review will help you make an educated decision about whether it’s the right choice for you.

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