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Everything About Sugar Dating In Nevada

With the huge loan debt rates that people have in Nevada, the idea of getting financial help from a sugar daddy is very daunting. And many gorgeous young women are opting for mutually beneficial relationships to get financial security, be cared for, and be spoiled of course. Here you will learn everything about looking for a sugar partner in Nevada.

Best sugar daddy websites in the state of Nevada

Nevada might not be the most popular sugar dating location, but looking for a sugar partner through one of these top sugar daddy dating sites will make your search much easier.

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Best sugar baby and daddy profiles in Nevada

Do you want to have a sneak peek into what type of men and women you can meet online? Here are some best SB and SD profiles for you.

How much does sugar baby in Nevada make?

The Nevada sugar dating cost depends on 3 main factors:

  • Type of your sugar arrangement. Traditional sugar arrangements usually are more expensive than platonic or online-only sugar babies. For example, when a traditional SB in Nevada gets around $3,000 for a monthly allowance a cyber (platonic, or online-only) SB gets around $1,000-$1,500.
  • City you live in. Nevada ranked 17th as the most expensive place to live, which means the cost of living there is high. In sugar relationships (in most cases) we can see the tendency: the higher the cost of living, the higher the monthly allowance.
  • Experience and amount of SDs. Professional sugar babies tend to earn more from each sugar daddy they have, and they can easily be getting up to $10,000 just in monthly allowance, without paid vacations, shopping money, and presents.

Compared to other states in the US, Nevada is in the golden middle, where expenses are not extremely high, but they are high enough to ask for a decent sugar baby allowance.

The most expensive cities in Nevada:The cheapest cities in Nevada:
Las VegasMesquite
Boulder CityCarson City

Best places to find sugar daddies in Nevada

  • Las Vegas. The 3rd largest city is a household name for entertainment and joy. It is believed to have one of the biggest populations of SDs in the US. Also, the city is ranked by UNLV 8th for SBs.
  • Reno. This top sugar daddy city is in the top 10 of the richest cities in Nevada. Reno is known for casino and tourism, but it’s also the home of the University of Nevada and is teeming with SDs who are into young college girls.
  • Henderson. The 3rd wealthiest city in Nevada with a huge choice of potential SDs ready to sponsor you. So you surely have to consider Henderson if you want to get a Nevada sugar partner.

Pros and cons of sugar dating in Nevada


  • Many millionaire sugar daddies, especially in the Las Vegas area
  • Rich Sugar daddies visit Nevada from across the US to have a great time
  • Affordable prices for dating arrangements


  • High competition among college girls
  • Most Nevada SDs prefer short-term dating


Nevada is a great state to consider to seek and start sugar relationships, as they are quite popular and there are many daddies to choose from on specialized sugar dating sites. But the only downside is that most SDs from the state prefer short-term relationships with SBs and arrangements on a PPM basis, and they usually visit the state for business or pleasure than joining the sugar bowl.

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