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10 Sugar Baby Rules: What You Have To Know Before Becoming a Sugar Baby

10 Sugar Baby Rules: What You Have To Know Before Becoming a Sugar Baby

Becoming a sugar baby isn’t just choosing a sugar daddy site and creating a profile there. In the first place, being a sugar baby means understanding of the concept and being ready to follow certain sugar daddy relationship rules.

Here, you’ll find the 10 golden rules of sugar baby — we believe you need to be aware of them before you even start searching for sugar daddy. These are only the basic rules, of course, but it’s a must-read for every girl who is going to become a sugar baby. Let’s start!

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Rule #1: Make sure you understand sugar relationships correctly

sugar baby in hotel room

If you’ve never had a sugar relationship before, it’s extremely important for you to understand the concept of sugar dating before you start your journey. It’s not just traditional dating but with financial benefits — both sugar daddies and sugar babies must understand the concept, the roles of each party, the types of sugar relationships, and the limitations. This is tremendously valuable to learn sugar baby rules because sugar dating might sound similar to sex work or to traditional dating with financial benefits, while in fact, it has nothing to do with both of these dating types. We’ll be more detailed later in this text.

Rule #2: Understand what you really want from sugar dating

Are you going to build a long-term sugar relationship with one man, or do you want to have as many sugar daddies as possible? Are you going to have some fun with a sugar daddy and make some money at the same time or are you going to learn from an experienced sugar daddy, understand how to invest, and maybe deal with your student loans? It’s very important that you ask as many questions as possible before you even sign up on a sugar dating sites — because if you understand what you really want and what your real plans are, it’ll be easier for you to become a good sugar baby.

sugar baby in romantic relationship

Rule #3: Create a plan

Once you answer all the questions and understand your real goals, it’s time to create your detailed sugar baby plan. How exactly are you going to meet a sugar daddy? What sugar dating sites are you going to use? Are you planning to use your real name and photo, or an anonymous nickname and a private photo closed to the public? How are you going to choose the best sugar daddy sites? How are you going to build your mutually beneficial relationship with a sugar daddy, and how are you going to make your sugar dating profile stand out from the crowd?

sugar baby taking selfie

There are a lot of questions to answer if you’re going to create a plan. The good news is that our experts can help you with some of these questions — for example, here, you will find useful information on creating a sugar babies profile on a sugar dating website.

Rule #4: Create your Sugar Baby persona and stick to it

This sugar babies rule is not obligatory, and you can skip it if you want to. But in reality, it’s one of those things that make a great sugar baby, not just an average one. There are many sugar babies who don’t care about their role/persona, but they can expect only average gifts and allowances at the very best. A perfect sugar baby is a woman who cares about how sugar daddies see her.

It’s not about playing the role of a girl next door, a lady who prefers older men, or a student who wants to study and to solve her debt. It’s about being consistent and portraying your offline and online profile accordingly. Here’s what we’re talking about: if you are going to be a girl-next-door, your formal dress code or brand-new dress with high heels might not be the best option on the first date because that’s just not what your sugar girl role is and because that’s not what a sugar daddy expects. Choose the role you feel comfortable in and stick to it without trying to play games or confuse sugar daddies.

Rule #5: Take your time

sugar baby in bed

If you want to meet the first man you see on a dating site, have a date with him, go sexual, and get your money, that’s not called sugar dating, that’s called prostitution. Sugar relationships are like classic, “vanilla” relationships regarding the process — you chat online, then you meet, and if you like a sugar daddy, and he likes you, this might work. Obviously, this process may take time. That’s why you just need to be patient to become a successful sugar baby.

Rule #6: Define a type of arrangement and the type of relationships you’re looking for

According to various studies, there are at least 7 types of sugar daddy relationships — from rare Platonic sugar relationships and sugar friendship to more common sugar prostitution and compensated dating. Which one sounds better to you? Are you going to have sex with your sugar partner and get presents for it? What about friendship or romantic feelings? Are you going to meet sugar daddies offline or online only? The latter is not that popular, but online-only sugar relationships still exist. You’ll have to answer all these questions to have a clear vision of your perfect sugar relationship — this will make it much easier for you to become a real-life sugar baby.

sugar baby with sugar daddy on vacation

The same goes for the type of allowance. Are you going to get paid per meeting? Such sugar dates are called PPM and are quite popular in the industry. Or, maybe, a monthly allowance with a certain number of meetings sounds better to you? This is what you need to understand before you even sign up on a sugar dating site because these are the basics. It’s always better to start the journey with a plan, right?

Rule #7: Don’t play games and be direct

It’s actually one of the most obvious, one of the simplest, and one of the most important relationship rules of sugar dating: you have to be straightforward and direct. A sugar relationship is not similar to regular dating in this regard — sugar daddies don’t want to play games, they want everything to be clear and straightforward. Wasting time is just not what successful men seek when they start dating beautiful women.

sugar baby playing games

Rule #8: Don’t get “too” comfortable

It’s totally ok for female sugar babies to feel comfortable — that’s the only way you can enjoy such a relationship. But be careful about feeling too comfortable — this can lead to negative effects even in a regular relationship, not to mention sugar relationships.

This rule is especially important for those interested in long-term sugar arrangements. The point is, if you date a sugar daddy for several months or even longer, this whole story may become too comfortable for you. When it becomes too comfortable, you might forget about keeping your role/persona, about putting effort into how you dress, or about always looking your best on a date. Remember that once you start putting less effort into how you look and how you behave with a sugar daddy, it’s always the beginning of the end.

Rule #9: Be realistic

sugar baby on yacht

Your sugar relationship will never lead to a marriage, and you will (most likely) never become a Ms Sugar Daddy because that’s not what wealthy men want when they start dating younger women. You should always remember that it’s all about satisfying each other’s needs — a sugar daddy wants to have a simple relationship with a hot, younger woman, while a sugar baby wants to make some money and to have some good time with a successful man. It’s not about romantic feelings and not about weddings — so please, do your best and manage your expectations.

Rule #10: Have a plan B

Most sugar babies forget about this and, sometimes, they become 100% reliant on their sugar partners. That’s not how it should work, really. You need to understand that your sugar daddy can end your relationship tomorrow or even today — so it would be great if you have some additional sources of income. Losing your only source of income might not be the best experience in your life, seriously. We also recommend you save a percentage of your allowance — a financial cushion might help you while you’ll be searching for a new potential sugar daddy.

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