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Top Sugar Daddy Apps in Australia

Top Sugar Daddy Apps in Australia

At least 6% of Australian women are interested in sugar baby/sugar daddy relationships, and around 25% of them are college and university students. However, the real numbers might be even higher on both counts. If you’d like to see for yourself what the sugar bowl is like, we’ve chosen the best sugar daddy apps for you to try.

Here are the TOP-3 apps, the whole ranking with short reviews see below.

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1. SugarDaddy.com.au9.9 ⭐

  • Advantages: Exclusive to Australia, verification videos, privacy filters
  • Types of dating: Sugar dating, compensated relationships, NSA
  • Registration: Free
sugardaddy.com australia

For now, the Australian version of the popular sugar daddy app can only boast around 50K visitors every month, but it’s gaining traction and is bound to draw more sugar daddies and sugar babies, thanks to a variety of neat features. For instance, if you care about privacy, you can use built-in privacy filters to blur or mask your photos. Besides, there are secret albums, a sugar dating staple, designed to incite curiosity before the first date. At the same time, Sugar Daddy cares about your safety and relies on verification videos to mitigate scam and fake profile risks.

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#2. Secret Benefits9.8

  • Advantages: Video verification, secret albums, top admirer feature
  • Types of dating: NSA, sugar dating
  • Registration: Free
secret benefits

SecretBenefits is among the biggest apps for sugar babies and daddies in Australia, with a global monthly audience of over 15 million, nearly 10% of whom are Australian. Some consider it the best sugar daddy app thanks to easy navigation and profile setup, but it also wins points for video verification and extensive photo and video galleries in user profiles. Of course, with a premium membership, you can also gain access to private albums (10 credits), unlock chats (10 credits), and become a top admirer by placing bids on the profiles you like.

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#3. Ashley Madison9.7 ⭐

  • Advantages: Built-in privacy filters, secret albums, anonymous browsing
  • Types of dating: Extramarital affairs, hookups, sugar dating, NSA
  • Registration: Free
ashley madison

With over 7 million monthly visits, Ashley Madison remains an ever-popular sugar daddy dating destination in Australia, though it also welcomes affairs and other types of no-strings-attached relationships. And one of its major draws is the privacy functionality that includes built-in photo filters and secret albums access keys you can exchange with other users. Although the latter are premium, along with private chats, the platform won us over with a lively dating pool and easy registration and profile setup that took a couple of minutes.

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#4. Sugar Daddy Meet9.3 ⭐

  • Advantages: Secret albums, offline events, private chat
  • Types of dating: NSA, sugar dating
  • Registration: Free

Sugar Daddy Meet may only attract around a million sugar daddies and sugar babies every month, but it comes with a few unique features that earned it a place on our list. For example, if you don’t know how to start a conversation, the website will provide conversation starters. Moreover, generous sugar daddies can join sugar babies’ events to meet them in person in a private or public setting. Besides, there’s a lively sugar dating community, as well as personal blogs and “Moments” that remind us of Instagram or other social media platforms.

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#5. LuxuryDate9.1 ⭐

  • Advantages: Private photos, video verification, top admirer
  • Types of dating: Luxury dating, NSA, sugar dating
  • Registration: Free

While LuxuryDate isn’t the largest sugar daddy app, it still sees over 100K monthly visits. Its basic functionality is similar to other platforms, including unlimited live chat and private photo albums. But we’d like to highlight two distinctive factors that set LuxuryDate apart. The first one is the video verification procedure that weeds out fake profiles and scammers and increases the likelihood of finding your sugar match. The other standout is the Top Admirer feature that lets wealthy sugar daddies bid on sugar babies to draw their attention and facilitate arrangement negotiations.

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Where to Find Sugar Daddy Apps?

Finding the right sugar daddy app can be challenging, considering the abundance of choices. If you don’t want to waste your time researching each option, consider using reliable sources, such as:

  • Recommendations by fellow sugar daddies and sugar babies. If you don’t know anyone in the sugar bowl, consider joining sugar dating subreddits, as they host lots of practical tips, including the best sugar daddy apps.
  • Reputable sugar dating app rankings. As long as the ranking isn’t a sponsored ad, it will give you a good idea of how different sugar daddy apps compare to each other to help you make an educated decision.
  • Detailed expert reviews. Dating coaches and experts know what to look for in sugar dating apps, so their insights can be more useful than your fellow daters’ reviews. Pick a reviewer whose tastes align with yours and test their recommendations.

Relying on Google to produce the best sugar dating apps is never a good idea, so try these sources instead, as their suggestions are bound to be more trustworthy than random search results.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Sign Up for Sugar Daddy Apps?

You must be 18 or older to sign up for a sugar daddy app.

australian sugar daddy

Beyond that, there are no universal rules for sugar daddy relationships. Although many sugar babies believe SDs are usually older men in their 50s and 60s, older guys are usually exceptions. Instead, more younger guys in their early to late 30s have joined the sugar bowl in recent years, trying to avoid the drama of traditional dating and enjoy the uncomplicated fun of mutually beneficial arrangements.

When it comes to sugar babies, they are usually in their early-to-late twenties, though there are some SBs in their thirties. Still, the majority of girls looking for compensated relationships are college students seeking financial support to help with their tuition fees, rent, and utility bills.

How to Use Sugar Daddy Dating Apps

All mutually beneficial relationships are unique, but finding a sugar partner on a specialized site is pretty straightforward. It merely takes a few steps:

  1. Pick the best sugar daddy app and sign up. It should align with your sugar dating goals, be easy to use, and be reasonably priced. For example, if you want to keep your sugar dating online, look for apps with video chat capabilities.
  2. Develop a sugar dating persona. Set up your profile accordingly and focus on the photos and taglines to draw attention. For instance, if you’d prefer your relationship to stay platonic, steer clear of overtly sexual clothes and poses.
  3. Negotiate your arrangement. Once you find a sugar partner you like, chat to gauge your compatibility and talk about mutual expectations, limitations, and payments. For example, choose between a monthly allowance or a PPM arrangement and discuss the preferred payment method.

Depending on the terms of your arrangement, you may use the sugar daddy app to find other partners to see simultaneously or keep the relationship exclusive.

How to Find a Sugar Daddy on Dating Apps

You can wait for a potential partner to reach out to you on a sugar daddy app, but being proactive is more likely to expedite your road to successful sugar relationships. Here are some tips to help with your search:

  • Start with local sugar daddies or sugar babies. Most apps will let you specify your location and desired distance. It’s the main search filter you should use when looking for local sugar arrangements.
  • Narrow down your search gradually. Setting too many filters all at once significantly limits your options. So add your parameters one at a time and preview the results before narrowing your search further.
  • Try matchmaking and swiping. When standard search filters get too boring, experiment with random suggestions. Unlike Tinder, most sugar dating apps won’t make you wait for a mutual match before unlocking chat.

And it always pays to check your profile activity feed to see who viewed and liked your profile. Your interest might be mutual.

Final Thoughts

Sugar dating in Australia is easier than it seems at first glance, thanks to a variety of sugar daddy apps with fast and free registration, easy verification, and all the communication tools you can wish for. Give them a try and heed our advice on finding and developing a sugar arrangement.

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