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How to Find a Sugar Momma?

How to Find a Sugar Momma?

Sugar dating is not just for female babies and daddies. There are multiple variations of sugar momma dating as well, and if you are here wondering how to find a sugar momma, you will get the answer here. And that’s where we step in with a dive-in investigation of the best ways of getting a real sugar momma.

Here is the list of the best websites to find a sugar momma:

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Where to find a sugar momma?

All most common options for sugar mama search can be divided into two big categories:

  • Offline search for a sugar mummy. Some wealthy women choose to find a sugar baby in luxurious places like vacations, resorts, restaurants, and sometimes unexpected places like a gym or yoga classes.
  • Online sugar momma dating. More popular nowadays and includes specialized sugar dating sites, regular dating websites, social networks, and others.

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular ways of where to find a sugar momma among sugar babies and see what pros and cons they have.

Sugar mummy search: Offline or online?

Sugar mamas can be found both online and offline. But what option is better depends strongly on hat type of relationship you seek and how much time and effort you are ready to put in. Here are the main pros and cons to help you decide where to find a sugar momma easy.

sugar momma on offline date

Pros of searching for a sugar mama offline

  • You can see if a sugar momma is a real deal
  • You can be sure if there is a mutual interest immediately
  • No surprises in looks

Cons of the offline sugar mommas search

  • Harder to find a sugar momma and not just a woman looking for a standard relationship
  • Search requires spending on dining in pricey restaurants or attending special events
  • Discussing clear conditions of mutually beneficial relationships is harder IRL
  • No guarantees to find someone legit as most sugar mommas prefer to stay discreet

Pros of looking for a sugar momma online

  • There are quite a lot of sugar mamas looking for sugar babies
  • Easier to find suitable potential sugar mamas
  • Establishing clear sugar relationships is much easier as one’s intentions are clear
  • You can get a sugar momma for free
  • Younger guys get popular quite fast
  • You can pick a dating site, specialized sugar platform, or app, options are almost limitless
  • Most specialized sites are free for sugar babies

Cons of the online sugar momma search

  • Hard to pick the best dating site for a sugar relationship
  • Sugar mama dating online comes with quite a competition

Sugar momma websites

Considering all pros and cons, it’s understandable why most potential sugar babies choose to search for sugar momma relationship online. It’s easier, more comfortable, and effective. And among all online options, it’s sugar momma websites that have the highest popularity.

Cougar Life—the best sugar momma website

cougarlife site

One of the largest platforms for older women dating. It’s a place where ladies can get a male sugar baby who is taking care of his looks, goes to the gym, and know what a woman wants. Here are some pros and cons you should know if you consider to find a sugar momma on Cougar Life.

  • Many rich sugar mommas
  • User-friendly layout
  • Free for babies
  • You can stay anonymous
  • Mainly for the US
  • No ID verification
PriceElite—$149.99 per 1,000 credits
Classic—$99.99 per 500 credits
Basic—$29.99 per 100 credits
Monthly Visitors124K
Male-to-female ratio70% / 30%
FeaturesMessaging, adding to favorites, sending winks
Mobile friendlyYes
SiteCougar Life

DateACougar website

dateacougar sugar momma site

A well-known website for cougars looking for their sugar mommy. The platform doesn’t have a sugar momma app, but there is a web-responsive mobile version of DateACougar.com. There are plenty of young men and ladies looking for an older woman. Also, the site is very simple, easy to use, but the design needs a serious update.

  • Different categories of older women looking for a younger man
  • You can find sugar momma profiles without registering
  • Effective search, to get sugar in your area
  • Old-fashioned site design
  • Not many ways of communication
  • No app, only a web-responsive version of DateACougar.com
Price3-day free trial for the premium membership is $3.95
1 month—$34.95
3 month—$16.65
12 month—$4.99
Monthly Visitors12K
Male-to-female ratio48% / 52%
FeaturesFlirt feature, message, email, watch profile photos
Mobile friendlyYes

Sugar momma apps 

Second in popularity is sugar momma dating apps. They usually have all the services and features as websites but at the same time increase usability with ease-of-use on the go. Also, many who wonder how to get a sugar momma, choose sugar mama apps in addition to having profiles on the website.

List of the best sugar momma apps:

  1. Cougar Life
  2. Tinder 
  3. Badoo


cougarlife app

An app version of CougarLife.com. The application is available for both iOS and Android and has everything that a site has to offer: user-friendly layout, vast database of potential sugar mummies and babies, and simple live chat.

  • Good for iOS users
  • Users look for sugar dating
  • You can find sugar momma of different ages and wealth
  • Easy to start, no previous experience needed
  • Free for babies, but basic membership for mommies start at $29.99 per 100 credits
  • You need to work on your profile to have a popular account


tinder app
tinder screenshots

This app is among the top sugar dating apps, while it is not solely specialized in them. The site has everything for comfortable online dating and has millions of users worldwide. Also, there is an option to buy TinderGold, TinderPlus, and Tinder Platinum.

  • Interactive matching
  • Free chat
  • Various user intentions
  • Hard to find a sugar mommy, as the app is not specialized
  • No free premium options for male sugar babies
  • Many profiles are fake


badoo app
badoo screenshots

Another popular app that is a top choice of young adults interested in different types of relationships. The website is free to join, but it is not actually for sugaring. You can see members nearby, as well as use search, encounters feature, messages, and video chat.

  • Free sign up through Facebook or Google account
  • Photo verification
  • Many active users
  • Some sugar mamas looking for a hot young man there
  • A lot of competition
  • No guarantees to find someone interested in sugar dating
  • Most members use it for regular online dating

Social networks

And the third way of meeting a sugar mummy is through social networks. That is the go-to of many new babies who don’t know how to find a real sugar momma. The most used are Instagram and Facebook. Here are the main pros and cons that are worth considering.

Pros of Instagram and Facebook for sugaring

  • You can find a single successful woman for free
  • Easy to see who is a sugar momma in real life
  • If you have a popular account, you can reach a wider audience with many potential sugar mommies

Cons of Instagram and Facebook in a search for sugar mommy

  • Hard to tell if a woman is actually looking for a sugar
  • Most women on social media don’t respond to strangers
  • You need to spend a lot of time looking for a sugar momma
sugar momma dating online

As both Instagram and Facebook are not initially meant for a sugar momma relationship, not many use it this way. But some mature women still are open to contacting hot younger men on social media which can grow into full-on sugar relationships.

How to get a sugar momma?

If you are still curious about how to find a legit sugar momma, you should consider taking these steps:

  • Decide how you want to find sugar momma
  • Pick a dating site that specializes in sugar mommies and not just sugar daddies (if you’ve decided to search online)
  • Check reviews and feedback about the sugar dating on-site
  • Register and create an attention-grabbing profile
  • Add many high-quality photos of you that showcase your best appearance features
  • Don’t be shy to approach a sugar momma online, because many rich women love confident guys
  • Be easy, flirtatious, and engaging
  • Pay attention to what exactly a sugar momma is looking for to cover her needs and have a more long-term relationship, which can become a more stable stream of income

Follow these easy steps to find sugar mummies who will be a perfect match for your desires.

What should I do after I find a sugar mama?

Being a sugar baby comes with certain expectations and a clear understanding of how such relationships work. As sugar daddies, sugar mommas are into good-looking men, who are usually younger, who can provide easy relationships without conflicts, and who have the same sex preferences. Well, expectations might differ, but generally they include all of the above. So, to start dating, you need to align expectations.

Some sugar mummies like to be upfront about the essence of the relationship, others prefer more of a playful approach. You need to communicate your needs for financial support, mentorship, as well as other things you want; but you should also discuss what you can provide. Also, many women love confident men who can still take the leader role in bed while being a sugar baby.

Sugar mama scams: How to tell if a sugar momma is real

We believe that staying safe on dating apps has to be the top priority of every online dating enthusiast. This is particularly important in the world of sugar dating.

sugar momma scam alert

The point is, although “vanilla” dating can involve scenarios with harassment and assault, too, sugar dating might be more dangerous and risky for both sugar babies and daddies/mommas. According to our experience, the danger zone begins when a potential sugar baby creates a profile on a dating site and starts a conversation with potential sugar mommas.

The problem is, not all sugar mommas you meet online are real sugar mommas. Some of them are scam artists who want to steal money; the others do it because they want to waste your time.

Letting them waste your time is not what we want to do. The following rules and tips will help any sugar baby spot a fake sugar momma on a dating site.

  • Study the details and google information. Often, sugar mommas have a lot of information in their profiles—from a phone number (often) to a company name (rare). You can google this information, as well as the profile pictures of a potential sugar momma. If you see her pictures posted on other dating websites under different names, it’s a red flag. If you find a Facebook profile that has nothing to do with a sugar momma, it’s a red flag, too.
  • Ask her a lot of questions. Scammers typically don’t want to write long, detailed replies on sugar mama dating sites. They would rather go to another potential victim than waste time on writing detailed answers.
  • Pay attention to grammar. Legitimate sugar mommas and daddies might make mistakes, there’s nothing wrong with it. But making mistakes in every second word is certainly a red flag—that’s just not the way successful people communicate.
  • Never send money to a sugar momma. Sugar mamas do not send fat checks to the sugar babies they never met in person. That’s what scammers do—they make sugar babies believe they will receive a lot of money and ask for some money back. A real sugar momma will never ask a sugar baby for money, especially if they haven’t even met in person yet.

Conclusion: Is sugar momma dating worth it?

If approached right, a sugar momma dating can be a positive experience on both sides. Such a sugar relationship is worth it when both sides have a clear understanding of what it entails, and when both a sugar mama and a younger guy are in sync with their expectations. If you want to find sugar mommas, the best option to do it is through a specialized online dating platform.


What does a sugar momma do?

A sugar momma is a successful mature woman who compensates her younger boyfriend for his time, namely dates, texting, intimacy, everything that we consider the elements of vanilla dating.

How much do sugar mommas pay?

Generally speaking, it depends on the city, the status of a sugar baby in the hierarchy of sugar babies, and on the person, of course, but $3,000 is considered an average monthly “salary” for men dating sugar mommas.

Are sugar mommas legit?

Yes, absolutely. There are quite a few mature women who’d like to date younger men or women and provide for them. What they do is also legal. Well, it is as long as such a couple, a sugar momma and a sugar baby, actually date. If sex isn’t the only purpose of their meetings, it can’t be considered any form of sex work—it’s another form of a regular relationship.

Danielle Gelber
Danielle Gelber is the Writer who is mainly focused on high-quality sugar baby guides. She is a certified journalist and a professional author with more than 3 years of experience. Danielle knows literally everything about the sugar baby industry because she saw it from within—she was a sugar baby from 2017 to 2019.
  1. I’m actually not a young man, but I am looking for a sugar mama for two main reasons. One for companionship[, because time is limited and it’s hard meeting people. Second, I’m trying to get my business going and need to supplement my income, also would free up more time to build a relationship. Would this be a possibility?

  2. I would not recommend looking for a sugar mom on social media. I often encountered aggression, once with an account blocking. When I signed up for sugar sites, the search process went much faster.

  3. I found my sugar mom on the Seeking Arrangement site, so I can recommend this site. Everything said in the review as a whole coincides with my impressions. The site has a very pleasant vibe. And although I have already found my sugar mom, I still stop by sometimes to chat and relax with the users.

  4. This review contains good sites. They all work. Still, I would like to add a small lifehack from myself. When I wrote standard messages to sugar moms, I got almost no response. At the same time, when I began to use information from the profile, the response rate increased to 65%. It helped me find my sugar mom quickly.

  5. Dear editors, your review is simply high class. It’s just strange that someone still doesn’t know about the existence of such sites… It’s a classic! I’ve been to all of these sites… In my experience, Seeking Arrangement is the most active for women and is suitable for those who are not ready to message first. Cougar Life is a very cool site, but it’s hard to stand out from the huge number of profiles there. But if you are not afraid of competition, I recommend Cougar Life.

    • Hello, Omar! I would advise you to join Cougar Life. After all the analysis and personal experience of my team, we’ve come up to the conclusion that this dating platform is the best for searching for a sugar mom. Still, if you have some problems and can’t find a suitable woman, try to read our guides. There are plenty of tips, which can help you to manage this issue as soon as possible. Let us know about your love journey! And good luck!

      • Why is Cougar Life considered the best choice for cubs if the number of male accounts outweight the number of female ones?

  6. To find a sugar mom, you need to be active. Here’s my advice 🙂 Use as many sites as possible, and write to women… Write as many messages as possible. There is too much competition between sugar babies… Not sure about offline search, has anyone else tried it? The hotel staff may take you for a prostitute, and the bar will not understand your requests… I think you need to be desperate to try this… Sugar sites are the best and safest option, without stress… To be specific, it worked best for my Cougar life.

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