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What Does NSA Mean? The Guide About No String Attached Relationship

What Does NSA Mean? The Guide About No String Attached Relationship

Are you interested in NSA relationship? It has its benefits: more free time for you, more fun, but are you sure it suits you? This article is the complete map with road pointers about questions: no strings attached meaning, pros and cons of this type of relationship, and for whom it’s okay or not. 

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What does NSA mean?

sugar daddy having sex with sugar baby

In the general view, this type of connection is created only for sex and pleasant leisure. No one in a couple promises to be faithful to each other, help in difficult situations, feelings, love, romance. This connection is usually created solely for physical pleasure; the Urban dictionary says, NSA relationship is the type of connection with sex only. It is what NSA means for most people. 

What does NSA do? What does NSA stand for?

Since NSA relationships are based only on physical proximity, they have their characteristics:

  1. Lack of monogamy.
  2. Absence of any moral, financial, or other obligations.
  3. Relations are built not on feelings and comfort but physical attraction.
sugar baby taking selfie

So, a couple gets to know each other, determines the format of relations, assigns a meeting’s schedule, or just both write to each other when the need arises, and after sex, they part until the next time.

Based on such connection’ characteristics, their pros and cons can be distinguished.


  1. It’s a connection that doesn’t take long how, for example, strings attached. If you’re currently focused on work or busy with other things, an NCA relationship might be right for you.
  2. You can experiment with sex without according desires of your “loved” person. Even if you break up because of mismatches, you will not worry too much as if you were involved in an attached relationship.
  3. You do not waste your nerves and emotions. String attached relationships are excellent, but sometimes it takes a lot of strength. Everything is more straightforward in NSA relations.


  1. Such a connection between people fulfills only a part of our needs. The need for love and romance will have to be postponed and all the feelings—given to another person.
  2. Not everyone will like this format. You need to distinguish between mind and feelings, physics and emotions. According to research about modern dating, anxious people are for serious relationships only. This is their regular basis for happiness.
  3. Different expectations. Studies show that people enter into bonds without commitment with different views and plans. As a result, there is a risk that one of the partners may feel unhappy in the future. 

Where can you find your partner?

One of the most convenient ways to meet an attractive person and calmly discuss your desires is through dating websites. You can use platforms for regular dating, but most likely, it will take a very long time to search for a girl. Still, these sites are aimed more at traditional dating. 

sugar daddy on sugar daddy app

We recommend searching for a person using sugar dating sites for no strings attached dating. Their members accept honest proposals for NSA relations from users from all over the world. In terms of numbers, reviews, attendance, the best dating sites are:

  1. Secret Benefits (all kinds of relationship, but mostly sugar and NSA)
  2. SugarDaddy.com (same as for SecretBenefits, but the database a bit smaller)
  3. Ashley Madison (perfect for married people who need an affair or for seeking NSA)

There are also dating platforms like Secret Benefits; they are designed for another type of relationship, and we will discuss its specialties and similar to the NSA features right now.

Friends with benefits VS no strings attached VS sugar dating 

sugar daddy and sugar baby have fun

Modern interactions provide for several types of different bounds. Each has its intention and characteristics and is not suitable for everyone. This table will help you make your choice.

The type of linksFriends with benefitsNo string attachedSugar dating
DurationIt depends on the arrangement, but most often several months.Few monthsTwo people agree on this in details first. It can be one meeting or years.
Emotional connectionEmotional solid connection, willingness to solve partner’s problems, mutual assistance.Completely excluded and contradict the essence of the relationship.May happen if the relationship is long-term
Financial helpOnly as part of friendly help, in exceptional cases, but not on a permanent basis.This type of relationship does not accept the idea of financial help.Yes, financial aid is at the heart of sugar dating. Each sugar daddy is committed to the amount of help, which is negotiated individually.
Joint leisureA frequent option in such relations, especially if friends have common interests. Going to the cinema and then having sex is a common date in such relations. We see a good example in the movie “No Strings Attached” with Ashton Kutcher and Natalie PortmanNothing joint and unifying, except for sex.In a long-term romantic relationship, this may be present by agreement of the parties. Many sugar men want to share their beautiful life with girls
Presence of obligations Friends can be monogamous, or they can have partnered on the side. Everything depends on the agreement.In such a relationship, NSA partner should not expect other obligations, except for compliance with the sex schedule.It all depends on the arrangement and the length of the relationship.
Target audience People of all ages who need warm communication, joint leisure, incredible sex, but do not want anything seriousThose who are not interested in emotional contact. These relations were born for people who want to maximize their focus on physical pleasures and needs.People want to spend a beautiful time with a girl and see the admiration in her eyes. This option is for men who wish to balance financial and emotional support according to their desires and needs. Numerous articles about the SecretBenefits users confirm this.

Now that you’ve read the table’s contents, think about which type of relationship you have the most matches with. You don’t have to choose one thing for life, that’s the advantage. Just try it and see how you feel.

No strings attached: Rules 

We offer you two lists. Of course, you can adapt them to your needs, but don’t ignore them completely. Many couples have tested these rules in different countries.

sugar baby in romantic room

What not to do?

1. Do not expect friendship and warmth. It isn’t a strings attached relationship. In this case, it is incorrect to ask a partner to solve your problems (everyone has them, we understand this) or to be a shoulder for tears. The nature of this relationship is based only on physical intimacy, without emotional context.

2. Use protection. If the partners enjoy this model of relations, then they have (or had) a little more than one partner. In this type of relationship, it is imperative to follow precautions, to use the maximum protection against STDs. Don’t think it will ruin the romance; it is not valid. Contraception will help you stay healthy and happy.

3. Separate your feelings. If you feel like you want romance with your person, hold hands, break this bond if you start to get jealous. Feelings and NSA relationships are as far apart as black and white. They are incompatible. The more you feel, the more complex relations will become for you. Try to control yourself for your peace of mind.

4. Stick to strict boundaries. Boundaries in a relationship have the same sense as a schedule at work. At some point, they help keep everything regular for a long time.

4.1. If your partner writes something tender in messages, gently remind him that this is not what your relationship was created for, or end the conversation. Write to each other only about intimate preferences and organizational issues.

4.2. Accept that after sex, the partner leaves within an hour. If they stay longer, then, of course, you will talk to each other, hug, joke, have lunch. These actions lead to intimacy and provided for the concept of a strings attached relationship.

4.3. If you meet your sexual partner in a mutual company, pretend that you do not know each other. It will help to avoid awkward questions and unnecessary rapprochement. 

What can you do?

1. Have fun! NSA relationships are designed to have fun. You don’t have to think about how to please and not hurt feelings. You can surrender to passion and the moment. The whole point is to turn off the logic and focus on your pleasure.

2. Realize your desires. You haven’t taken a serious commitment, so you can afford to be selfish. It is a short-term relationship without moral overtones, so it is unnecessary to seem too good. There is not an ounce of demand for this.

3. Be crazy. NSA relationship is an excellent opportunity to experiment with your sexual ideas and understand what you love. Even if you don’t like something, you can quickly stop it without much explanation as in long-term connection. It’s time to try to be alive.

To sum: what is NSA and who can create 

No strings attached relationship is a format for people who are not interested in a serious relationship and do not want to support a partner morally and financially. If you have concerns about your responsibility and want to have a bright and crazy sex life, then it’s worth a try.

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