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Luxury Date Review 2023—Is It Better Than Other Sugar Dating Sites?

Luxury Date Review 2023—Is It Better Than Other Sugar Dating Sites?

With so many sugar dating sites on the market, it’s hard to know where a good marketing strategy is and where a really high-quality dating site is. Researching Luxury Date, we haven’t found many reviews but stumbled upon many comments wondering if the platform is good for sugar dating.

We are used to trusting only opinions based on testing and communication with members on the dating site. This is why we bought the Best Value credit package on Luxury Date and started the review to see if we’ll regret spending money on it or not, as well as to analyze all pros and cons on our way.

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Luxury Date overview

📈 Visits per month:67K
Profile verification:Yes
❤️ Reply rate:89%
🌍 Most used in:US, Europe, and Australia

Is Luxury Date legit?

The name of this luxury dating site speaks for itself as Luxury Date is created for mutually beneficial relationships between young sugar babies and wealthy sugar daddies. The platform is also used by sugar mommies and male sugar babies, but there are less than 10% of such user profiles as the majority of members seek traditional sugar relationships.

Becoming a member is completely free for both sugar babies and daddies, but the luxury dating site works on a credit system and male members have a limited free membership. They need credits to access advanced features like communication or watching private photos. But is becoming a member of Luxury Date and buying credits worth it? Read on and find out what we have found about the website in our in-depth Luxury date review.

  • Active like-minded people who know the rules of sugar arrangements
  • Verification videos that help ensure that you are talking to a real person
  • Advanced search with filters to find a perfect match
  • Premium features are affordable
  • The secret album feature is fun and intriguing
  • No mobile app, yet the interface is mobile-friendly
  • Only sugar babies can use communication services completely free of charge
  • Most users’ profiles don’t have a lot of info

Singing up on Luxury Date

  • Free sign-up globally
  • The registration process takes under 5 min
  • Anonymous profiles

To become a member of Luxury Date, a person needs to fill in a registration form that asks to provide some basic information like gender, age, and dating interests. For review purposes, we created a SD account as SBs can use the platform for free.

Before registration, we weren’t able to see other users, prices, or actually anything that is happening on the dating service. But after a quick signup, we could browse profiles and start our review.

Overall, the sign-up process is easy and fast. Members can share only basic information, all other questionnaires can be skipped, as well as adding photos. Also, the website doesn’t require adding a phone number. You only need an active email to receive a link to confirm your sign-up.

Tips on successful sugar relationship on Luxury Date

Here are a few tips that might help you build a successful sugar relationship:

  1. Don’t skip filling in profile sections or adding photos on Luxury Date
  2. Add a few secret photos that are more sexy and risky (only users you want will see them)
  3. Communicate your dating goals in the Wants section

Utilizing your Luxury Date’s profile features will help you get more attention and connect you with compatible SDs or SBs with the same sugar dating goals.

Popular sugar daddy profiles

Luxury Date prices reviewed

As we already mentioned, for this review we’ve bought the biggest credit pack for 1,000 credits, and one of the main aims of our review is to see if the Luxury Date cost provides value or is a rip-off. To understand that, we decided to explore all of the free features and paid services to see how long a sugar daddy can go without paying, as well as if the cost of the premium features is higher or lower compared to other sugar dating sites.

Introductory package$59 for 100 credits$0.59/credit
Elite package$169 for 500 credits$0.34/credit
Best value package$289 for 1K credits$0.29/credit

Free features

Here are the features that have free access regardless if you have a sugar baby or daddy profile:

  • Creating and updating your profile
  • Video verification
  • Browsing sugar daddies and babies’ profiles
  • Watching public photos of users
  • Using search with filters
  • Seeing people in Matches
  • Requesting and granting key to Secret album
  • Contacting support team
  • Hide My Profile feature
  • Deleting you account
luxurydate members

The selection of services that don’t require payment is quite decent, and a sugar daddy can look for potential babies without expenses. Yet, it’s not possible to chat if you don’t buy credits, and therefore, to start sugar relationships people have to pay. So, let’s see if the paid membership is worth it on Luxury Date.

Paid services

Luxury Date is one of the credit-based dating platforms, which means that it works on the concept of buying virtual currency to get access to certain features.

For our review of the site we chose to buy the biggest pack as, though it’s the most expensive, it provides the lowest price per credit, which is beneficial in the long run. So members can spend their credits on:

  • Making contact via text chat—10 credits to unlock a conversation and then messages with a sugar baby are free.
  • Watching private photos—10 credits to unlock a hidden album with private photos
  • Use incognito browsing—10 credits for hiding your profile from being in Matches sections for 24 hours
  • Priority support—free for all premium members

It’s good that Luxury Date has a transparent pricing policy that allows any sugar daddy to see prices and decide if they want to pay for the service. Also, the benefit is that members pay only for unlocking the chat and not for each message or per minute like on many other dating platforms.Overall, the prices on the sugar dating site are quite affordable, yet the variety of premium features is not big and users have limited communication options.

How to look for sugar babies or sugar daddies on Luxury Date?

Another important part of our Luxury Date review was actually finding out how certain features work and how easy it is to find a real person on the website. So let’s see what we have found.

Search results

  • Convenient search with 15+ filters
  • Recently Active and Newest sections
  • Location-based search results
luxurydate search filters

To start our search, we went to the tab in the upper left corner and clicked on the Search button. It redirected us to the page with SBs and SDs profiles as well as convenient search filters. We were able to easily find any SBs we wanted as every time we changed search requirements we got relevant results. The Search feature works fine and is quite detailed. We had no trouble using it, and that’s probably everything there is to tell about it.

Profiles with secret photos

  • 85% of SBs have 3-5 photos added to their profile
  • 80% are verified profiles
  • Around 30% of people don’t fill in their pages completely
luxurydate profile

In the search section of Luxury Date, we could click on members and visit their profiles for free. Also, people can click on profiles in each section in the upper tab, except the Profile button as it will redirect you to your page.

We noticed that many users care about how they create their SB or SD profiles. They upload many photos, go through verification, and have interesting and engaging Bio and Wants sections. However, there are also some SBs and SDs who add only one photo, location, and age and that’s it. But it’s hard to tell if such SB is fake or not. Overall, the quality of the profiles is fine. Understanding the specifics of the site and its niche, we get why SBs and SDs don’t share too much private information or photos.

Popular sugar baby profiles

Ways of communication on the Luxury Date site

One of the downsides of Luxury Date is only one communication way—messages. Members don’t have any other options for communication on the site. But the service works fine and does what it is supposed to do, which is connecting SBs and SDs for mutually beneficial arrangements. Also, it’s nice that SD pays only a 1-time fee to unlock conversations and other messages are free.But the dating website will benefit a lot from having some sort of video communication feature like streams or video calls. Most people want to see each other live before actually meeting IRL, that increases safety and can help see if you are physically attracted to each other.

Interesting facts about Luxury Date

During our Luxury Date review, we found some things that are not common for the dating platforms of this niche. These are:

  • Secret Albums—A fun feature that allows you to request and grant access to secret photos that are hidden from others. From our experience, the majority of the site’s members have them and are willing to grant access. Only one (out of around 40) of our requests was denied.
  • Matches—An interesting feature that allows seeing your Admirers, Favorites, Visitors, and people who viewed your profile. It’s a nice tool that helps see who is interested in you as well as meet SBs/SDs whom you wouldn’t have met otherwise.
  • Incognito browsing—A useful feature for those who don’t want to be shown in the Viewed section of other people on the site, not to appear stalkerish. We used incognito mode and weren’t approached by SBs whom we visited, but it’s hard to tell if the service works properly as we don’t see the other end of it.
  • Hide My Profile—Most similar websites allow you to “take a break” and don’t use the site at all, but Luxury Date took it a little bit further by allowing people to continue communication with SB/SD they already talk to but hide their profile from other users. The service is free and it will work the most for SDs who are not currently seeking new SBs, or those who are in longer-term arrangements.

Overall, Luxury Date has a good variety of unique features that help it stand out among other sugar dating sites in the niche.

User Experience

During our review which lasted a little over 2 weeks, we contacted more than 70 female members on Luxury Date. We got responses from 58 of the SBs, and here is how some of our conversations went.

Sexy Texas beauty

This SB was the first one on Luxury Date we watched a video verification of and decided to send a request to see her Secret album. She granted access in around 15 min and actually wrote to us first. The Texas SB was confident and definitely knew what she was doing. She flirted a lot as well as was charming and sweet to keep us interested. She told us that she is still in college and looking for some fun time and help with paying the rent (quite common among SBs). But as we weren’t actually planning to meet IRL, we stopped the conversation the next day.

Aspiring actress

The other SB that we want to tell you about is an aspiring actress from LA. With this SB we tested location-based search on the site and also requested access to private photos. The LA actress replied probably in 2-3 hours and actually was quite slow with her answers. She also flirted a lot but wasn’t very direct about her desires or IRL meeting conditions. But she talked a lot about herself and her career aspirations. This SB was really easy-to-talk-to and we saw why a SD might like her company, as she was looking for a mentor—someone who can not just give her cash but guide her on her acting path. However, as that wasn’t something we could help with, our communication lasted only for around 5 days.

Hot college babe from Phoenix

We knew that Phoenix is known for being a popular place for SBs, which is why we weren’t surprised that we could easily find a Phoenix SB. She had profile photos and videos that caught our eye with being relatively modest and shy. Well, the SB was very beautiful, but she wasn’t trying to attack someone by being too sexual, and that worked on us. Moreover, we had a very interesting conversation, where she hinted at what type of relationship she wants, but without being disrespectful or too direct. We chatted for around a week, and that’s probably the longest conversation period during our review of Luxury Date.

Expert thoughts on Luxury Date

Brett Wagner
Luxury Date rate

After reviewing Luxury Date, we can understand why the platform is popular among sugar daters. The site is user-friendly, has a low fake profiles rate, many interactive features, and overall active members. Also, the cost of the premium subscription is quite affordable, and all SBs can use the site completely for free. However, the main drawback of Luxury Date is only one communication option. Users don’t have a choice of choosing from text, audio, and video communication. Though messaging does its job and you need to pay only once to unlock it. That’s why we don’t regret purchasing credits, but we still see many areas for improvement that can immediately help the platform go to the A+ league.

How to use Luxury Date to the fullest?

Reviewing the Luxury Date platform we noted a few things that can make the user experience smoother and help get good for the buck. So here are our 5 life hacks:

  1. Invest time in your profile—don’t rush the registration process as the profile you get will be your “business card” for SBs or SDs
  2. Don’t use your real name and mind what private information you share for safety reasons
  3. Add at least 5 photos, but don’t use pics from your public social media accounts
  4. Make sure to contact people with verification videos as this way you can be sure that they are real
  5. Utilize free membership before going premium and select SBs you actually want to talk with—don’t unlock all the conversation requests you receive

We hope that our findings will help you use the website to the fullest if you decide to join Luxury Date.


The final verdict of the review of Luxury Date is that it’s a decent sugar dating site that will work best for people who know how sugar arrangements work and are ready to follow the rules. However, the website is not the best option for those looking for something serious as the majority of users are looking for a person for an NSA relationship.

Marty Cooper
Marty Cooper is a professional writer and researcher. He is responsible for fact-checking, finding useful links and statistics, checking the details, and of course, writing posts for our website. Marty is our main sugar dating website tester—he analyzes all the factors and provides the distillation of the most useful and interesting data.
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