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Our Secret Review 2023—Is It Good For Sugar Dating?

Our Secret Review 2023—Is It Good For Sugar Dating?

Our Secret is one of the popular dating sites for sugar babies and sugar daddies. It has 140,000 monthly visitors, it’s no wonder so many people are talking about it. Our team of experts decided to dig into a previously taboo topic of sugar arrangements, and bought Our Secret subscription to see if it’s worth it.

Read on to see if we regret spending our time on this research and get a thorough analysis of the pros and cons in our Our Secret review.

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Our Secret overview

📈 Visits per month:207K
Profile verification:Yes
❤️ Reply rate:92%
🌍 Most used in:US and Australia

Is Our Secret legit? 

Our Secret is a niche sugar dating site that was created to make it easier to start mutually beneficial arrangements for sugar babies and sugar daddies from all over the world. The platform is available globally and provides free registration for both SBs and SDs.The site is completely free only to SBs, but SDs are required to pay for some advanced services like watching private photos or using chat. As Our Secret is credit-based, SDs can buy credits to access advanced features. But is the site worth it? Answering this question is the aim of our review.

Our Secret is good for:

  • People open to mutually beneficial relationships
  • Young women who look for wealthy sugar daddies
  • Rich men who want to date beautiful young girls and don’t mind helping them financially
  • User-friendly layout and mobile-adapted interface
  • The big base of young sugar babies and rich sugar daddies
  • Convenient search with filters with accurate results
  • Members can request access to private albums
  • One-time payment to unlock unlimited communication in chat
  • Free services are limited for sugar daddies
  • No OS app is available yet
  • No variety of communication features

How to become a member of OurSecret?

  • Available globally
  • Takes around 5-7 min
  • Registration is free for SBs and SDs

Before we started our review, we decided to see what others had to say about Our Secret. Many reviews said it’s good for people who are looking for NSA relationships and it looks trustworthy. But there were also some complaints saying the site has too many different prices for its services and it’s somewhat misleading.

It was hard for us to figure out whether the complaints we’ve seen were valid, as we usually form opinions only after testing the dating site for ourselves; that’s how we created a SD profile on the site (we didn’t go for a SB profile as it doesn’t have access to the paid subscription).

To become an OurSecret user, we were required to fill in some basic data:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Who we look on the site
  • Email
  • Password

We couldn’t skip any of those during registration, but a further questionnaire is optional to go through. Adding a profile photo is also not obligatory.

Overall, signing up is easy, doesn’t take long, and is quite basic. The process is intuitive, and we had no difficulties with it.

Tips on becoming a popular sugar baby or sugar daddy on the site

Here are a few tips on creating an eye-catching profile on Our Secret and, at the same time, staying safe online.

  1. Fill in every field of your SB/SD profile, but mind what info you share. Even though profiles are not shown to non-members, don’t use the same name on any other dating sites or social media or share personal info you don’t want to go public.
  2. Add full-body photos, as they can significantly increase your reply rate.
  3. Be clear of your sugar dating goals, and you won’t be approached by people looking for lifelong companions (and therefore wasting your time)

These short and simple tips will save you a lot of time. And now we’ll share with you some info about how to use the site to your maximum benefits with free and paid OurSecret features, and if the paid ones are worth money at all.

Popular sugar daddy profiles

Our Secret prices

For our review, we bought the maximum credit pack available for $289, and decided to analyze if the cost of services provides value and is worth the money. Also, we tested how far a user can go on OurSecret without spending money.

Introductory package$59 for 100 credits$0.59/credit
Elite package$169 for 500 credits$0.34/credit
Best value package$289 for 1K credits$0.29/credit

Free features

Here are the free features we tested:

  • Making updates to your profile
  • Going through a verification process
  • Browsing profiles of other members
  • Watching public photos
  • Using filters in Search
  • Liking SB/SD profiles
  • Using the Matches feature
  • Granting and requesting access to Secret Albums
  • Deleting your account
  • Contacting 24/7 member support service
oursecret members

The selection of free features is big, the sugar dating site allows users to find potential partners for free, but there is no free communication ways.

OurSecret paid features

After buying the Best Value package we spent our credits on:

  • Secret browsing — 10 credits to hide your account for 24 hours
  • Chat — 10 credits to unlock chat with a SB
  • Photo exchange — 10 credits to add a photo to chat
  • Secret albums — 10 credits to see sexier hidden photos

After reviewing OurSecret prices we can say that the site is mid-ranged and similar to other sugar dating websites in the niche. There is no need and, well, the possibility to buy a monthly subscription of any type, but you can’t “cancel” the purchase of credits: users simply need them to interact with each other.

How to look for a sugar baby/sugar daddy?

Let’s see how we tested the platform in more detail and see if we regret our decision f joining and buying a premium membership on Our Secret.


To browse profiles, you can simply click on a button in the upper left corner. The site’s search page is divided into ‘Recently Active’ and ‘Newest’ sections. Both of them have many SB profiles that members can visit, like, or start messaging with any of the SBs.

oursecret search filters

The search tool on the site is designed pretty well, as members can tailor search results based on different criteria like:

  • Location
  • Photos and videos
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Body type
  • Height
  • Hair color
  • Habits
  • Piercings/Tattoos

The search is very detailed; we got different results each time we changed the criteria. Also, that was the main way for us to select SB profiles to approach.


  • 80% of SB profiles are 80-100% filled
  • 75% have 1-3 photos + at least 1 private
  • Less than 5% of fake profiles (or with clear red flags)

The first thing a SD does when signing up for a dating site is looking through profiles of women. And we decided to do the same: we examined as many profiles as we could. Profiles on OurSecret are meant to be detailed, but even though the majority of SBs and SDs fill their pages, they don’t share a lot of personal information, which is totally understandable considering the site’s niche.

oursecret female bio profile

During our time on the site, we haven’t been approached by fake profiles, but we noticed some SB profiles with no photos, some weren’t filled at all, and some didn’t have pictures. We can’t say for sure if they are fake, but they had a lot of common red flags.

Overall, we were satisfied with the quality of profiles on OurSecret, most users put on effort, which is also an indicator that SBs on the platform are seeking real mutually beneficial relationships.

Popular sugar baby profiles


To start communication with any of the members we could go to the Search sections, reply to the messages of SBs, or use the Matches feature to see who is interested in interaction. During our review, we tested all of the options, but they all led to sending messages.

Among interaction ways a site member of Our Secret can try are likes, starting text conversation, sending photos, becoming a top admirer, and even reporting or blocking a member if something feels off. We tested all of the services we could on the profile, and that’s how it went.

  • Sending messages—the only communication way available on the site. It’s quite basic and doesn’t have anything that special, but it gets the job done. Messages service works well regardless if you use a computer or mobile device.
  • Exchanging photos in messages—a fun service, but not all SBs we contacted were eager to send and receive photos. Also, using the service can turn out to be quite pricey.
  • Watching secret albums—one of the most exciting features of OurSecret. It’s very suitable for the romance niche and the majority of users actively accept and grant access to those albums.

Current communication ways are enough to start and negotiate a sugar arrangement, but any dating site would benefit from having some sort of video chat, and OurSecret doesn’t have one. From our experience, such services are very popular: they provide an additional level of security as you can see the person and have a conversation before meeting in real life.

Special features

OurSecret lacks variety in communication ways, but it compensates the lacks with special features that help to stand out among competitors.

  1. Matches. This feature has 4 tabs (Admirers, Visitors, Favorites, and Viewed). We were able to see people interacting with our SD page, which was an interesting experience and showed us that OurSecret members are active enough.
  2. Secret Albums. As people don’t always want to share more sexy photos with each visitor of their profiles, private photo service is a good alternative. The service is commonly used, we sent and received over 100 requests.
  3. Incognito mode. Members who don’t want to be shown in Matches can achieve that using the profile hiding feature. This feature is useful for SDs who are in long-term sugar relationships, or for users who just don’t want to be approached by other members at a particular period.
  4. Become a Top Admirer. Another special feature on OurSecret allows becoming a top admirer of certain SB for an additional price. The cost varies from 50 to 300 credits, and the user is allowed to choose how much to spend. Such a service is unique and rarely appears on similar sugar dating websites.

Reviewing these unique features showed us that there are OurSecret tools that actually can make this website worth trying, even though its interaction ways aren’t that exciting.

User experience

During our review of the sugar dating platform we approached over 50 women and the majority (around 95%) messaged us back. Also, 35 SBs approached us first. Let’s see what our communication was like.

Ivy University girl

One of the first women we approached on Our Secret was a university student looking for a mentor and financial help with tuition. We were the first to message and also requested access to her secret album. This SB replied in around 30 min, and was open to communication and making an arrangement. Also, she had a great sense of humor, which surprised our team with an interesting mix of beauty and wittiness. But as we weren’t able to actually provide help with her tuition, our message and photo exchange lasted only for 4 to 5 days.

Adorable Cinderella from Brooklyn

This woman was quite different from other girls on the site, as she wasn’t that straightforward about her and our needs and desires, but was developing a novel story of Cinderella girl and rich Prince Charming. It was quite fun, as though the lady hinted at conditions of a mutually beneficial relationship she wants, she never mentioned the terms SB or SD. We chatted for about a week, and she replied a few times a day, but as we were avoiding meetings, she just stopped replying.

The drama queen who strived to dominate

And the last experience of communication on Our Secret that we want to share was with quite an emotional lady. Who was trying to wow us and took a more dominant position. She was very straightforward about her sexual preferences and needs, and she was trying to look much more confident and dominant than other SBs. Overall, it was an interesting experience, different from any other romance story that SBs usually tell or follow. But as with other SBs, we chatted for a short period and stopped communication, as we wanted to save the SBs’ time.

Expert opinion

Marty Cooper
Our Secret rate

Our Secret is a good option to consider if you are open-minded and looking for a fast way to find a sugar partner. The website offers interactive features, strict moderation, and, most importantly, thousands of active users. Members are open to different types of arrangements and utilize site services to create the relationship they desire. Many members use smartphones to access the site, even though it doesn’t actually have a mobile app. But Our Secret doesn’t have a blog, so a user should already have some sugar dating experience before joining it, or at least to know basic sugar dating rules in order to succeed here.

Tips on using OurSecret to get the best partners quickly

During our review, we noticed a few things that could help anyone to create a popular account and therefore use the site to the fullest potential.

  1. Don’t skip the registration questionnaire and fill in all the fields of your profile
  2. Add a catchy headline, as that’s one of the first things a person sees on your profile
  3. Add 5 to 7 good photos of you (in different locations)
  4. Communicate your dating goals, needs, and boundaries
  5. Be active and approach sugar babies or sugar daddies you like

Following those tips is not challenging, but they can help you find your dream partner fast and use the sugar dating service to its fullest potential.

The verdict

After reviewing OurSecret for over 2 weeks, we have no doubts that it’s a legitimate sugar dating platform popular among SBs and SDs in the US. We reached out to 50 women and got a 95% reply rate, which is a sign that there are many real SBs on the platform. We don’t regret spending $289 on the website and think that Our Secret will work best for people who know and can keep to the rules of sugar dating.

Marty Cooper
Marty Cooper is a professional writer and researcher. He is responsible for fact-checking, finding useful links and statistics, checking the details, and of course, writing posts for our website. Marty is our main sugar dating website tester—he analyzes all the factors and provides the distillation of the most useful and interesting data.
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