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How To Get A Sugar Daddy: A Guide On Starting A Sugar Relationship

How To Get A Sugar Daddy: A Guide On Starting A Sugar Relationship

Here, you’ll find a detailed guide on how to attract a sugar daddy. It would be helpful for newbies in sugar dating, but even if you’re an experienced sugar baby, you’ll still find a lot of useful tips here. We’ll answer all your questions about how and where to meet a sugar daddy.

Where to get a sugar daddy?

It’s obvious that the best way you can go is online dating sites. It’s faster and more convenient to meet sugar daddies online than offline. The problem is that there are lots of fake and low-quality sugar daddy sites where you can waste your time and lose your money—but our team has already solved this problem for you. Check out the top-5 sugar daddy websites collected and tested by our sugar dating experts!

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How to get a sugar daddy online? Top 12 tips on getting a sugar daddy

Signing up on a sugar daddy site isn’t where the story ends, it’s where it begins. Here, we’ll tell you the top 12 tips on how to get a partner on a sugar daddy website.

sugar baby looking for a sugar daddy
  • Create a catchy profile. It’s possible to use a sugar daddy app without a detailed, interesting, and catchy profile—that’s what many sugar babies do. However, this is not what you should do if you want to stand out from the crowd. If you want your profile to attract attention, make sure your profile bio is catchy and interesting, your profile headline doesn’t turn sugar daddies off, and your photos are hot enough to make men want to send you a message.
  • Upload your best photos. If a sugar daddy is not attracted to your pics, no amount of playfulness and originality will get him interested, so uploading high-quality, hot pictures is the number one priority when it comes to using sugar dating sites. We don’t want to tell you anything about face photos or lingerie pictures here—it’s up to you, and there is no consensus on these questions among sugar babies. The main rule here is to upload your best photos.
  • Have a good conversation. We’ll elaborate on this point later, but in general, that’s the most important rule when it comes to communication on various sugar daddy sites. It’s similar to the previous point—the details may vary, but you need to be an interesting person to talk to. Now, let’s elaborate.
  • Don’t send low-effort first messages—it’s better not to send anything at all than to send something like “hi how r u” and your phone number. Unfortunately, that’s what lots of sugar babies do. Or, it’s more like fortunately for you—because if your first message doesn’t look like this, you’ll automatically stand out from the crowd.
  • Ask questions and reference something from his profile description to show you’re interested. That’s how you’ll show a sugar daddy you read his profile bio and got caught by it. It’s also a good thing to do because that’s how a sugar daddy will understand you don’t send dozens of generic messages to daddies. Sugar daddies want to feel special, too—personal questions related to their profiles will give them what they want.
  • Find a thing or two from your profile that match his profile description. It’s very similar to the previous point, but with one difference: you don’t just show you read his profile, you show that you two have something in common.
  • No numerous questions in one message. It’s not convenient at all, and a sugar daddy will most likely miss some of your questions if there are more than 1 or 2 of them in a message.
  • Wide open questions are not the best option. Questions like “what are you looking for?” might work, but these are surely not the best questions you can ask to establish a meaningful conversation with a sugar daddy. It’s all about details and being personal.
  • Read his messages carefully. Real rich men who use Ashley Madison or other sites don’t like it when sugar babies miss some of their points. Again, no one will block you for not answering a question, that’s just not how meaningful and good conversation is built.
  • Promise you’ll respond to his message later if you’re short on time. This might sound obvious, but it’s one of those basic politeness rules lots of sugar babies forget about. Tell a sugar daddy that you are busy and that you’ll be online in 5 hours, and he’ll appreciate that.
  • Don’t wait for too long before a meet and greet. Chatting on an online dating site might be fun, but not if you’re searching for a real mutually beneficial arrangement. Waiting for months to meet means that you’ll never meet a sugar daddy.
sugar dating on beach

We didn’t talk about some obvious things like “find the best sugar daddy site” here. However, you shouldn’t forget about it because, unfortunately, there are lots of sugar baby apps that are simply not worth your time. Remember that you can feel safe and secure only on the best sugar dating sites.

How to get an online sugar daddy without meeting him?

The chances to get sugar daddy without meeting in real life are quite low, to be fair. The point is, in most cases, sugar relationships are based on intimacy in exchange for financial support. It’s not “cash for sex” because that’s what prostitutes do, and the general consensus within the sugar bowl is that sugar babies are not the same as prostitutes. This is not only and not always about sex from the sugar baby’s side and not only about money from the sugar daddy’s side, so let’s stick to that consensus, too.

This wasn’t just a lyrical digression. What we want to say here is that in most cases, sugar babies-sugar daddies relationships are still about sex—and that’s why real-life dates are necessary for most sugar daddies. It’s possible to find a sugar daddy who would pay you for communication, although the chances are low. But when it comes to online-only communication, the chances become even lower because, in fact, it’s like finding a penpal who would pay you for your messages, and probably pictures or videos. That’s not the most demanded type of relationship by sugar daddies, that’s the problem.

sugar baby sharing videos

So, is it possible? Yes, but only if you’re lucky enough to find a sugar daddy who would only want online communication.

How to find a sugar daddy who would be interested in such a relationship? Just visit any trusted sugar dating site, create a profile, and write about your “no-real-dates” requirement in a profile description. We also recommend you sign up on several best sugar daddy sites to widen your net.

What makes you a good sugar baby?

Sugar sites are full of sugar babies but we can’t say that 100% of them make good partners. Here are the top 5 things a good sugar baby should know.

  • Interesting conversation is a must, but your dating profile is extremely important, too.
  • A good sugar baby is a confident sugar baby. Yes, the very idea of younger women dating rich older men doesn’t help a younger woman to feel confident, but that’s what sugar daddies want—they want sugar babies who know what they want, go after it, and don’t play games.
  • A good sugar baby knows how to show interest in her sugar daddy. As we said before, you won’t charm and attract a sugar daddy with generic messages, but it’s not only about communication—you need to be really interested in him to make him feel like he’s worth your time.
  • The best sugar babies look their best 24/7 (or at least that’s what their sugar daddies think). The absolute majority of sugar daddies want to find a hot sugar baby, so you need to meet these requirements.
  • Good sugar babies aren’t jealous. There are lots of sugar babies who can’t trust their sugar daddies and deal with jealousy, but that’s not how sugar dating works. Successful men like this type of relationship because it’s free of typical relationship problems, so bringing such problems into your relationship with a sugar daddy will lead to a quick breakup.

P.S. The best sugar babies discuss boundaries in advance. Set the boundaries in advance and keep them no matter what, that’s how you’ll avoid most sugar relationship problems.

How young can you be to get a sugar daddy?

Generally, most sugar daddies are men in their 40s-60s, which is not surprising at all. However, you don’t have to be 40 years old to become a sugar daddy. You need to be 19 to sign up on a site and you need to be at least 18 years old to participate in anything related to sex from the legal point of view if your relationship implies that you are going to have it.

As for the maximum age of sugar baby, it’s up to you—as long as you feel you can do it, go for it! Just keep in mind that most experts say that the maximum acceptable age difference is around 25 years.

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