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RichMeetBeautiful: Dating Site Review

RichMeetBeautiful: Dating Site Review

Sugar dating is rather common all over the world, so no wonder why there are so many services that focus on mutually beneficial relationships, and RichMeetBeautiful is one of them. But is this dating site really worth your attention and, most importantly, money? We signed up on this site and tried every single feature to give you an unbiased opinion on this service. So let us dive into this review.

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RichMeetBeautiful overview

📈 Visits per month:340K
Profile verification:Yes
❤️ Reply rate:87%
🌍 Most used in:US, UK, and Canada

Who is RichMeetBeautiful good for?

  • Confident sugar daddies who want to date young women
  • Sugar babies who are interested in mutually beneficial relationships with older men
  • Android and iOS apps
  • Large and active community
  • Advanced search filters that allow to find your best matches
  • Convenient messaging
  • Verified users
  • Patchy design
  • Not all the profiles are detailed
  • Limited communication options

Creating an account on RichMeetBeautiful

RichMeetBeautiful is a rather popular sugar dating site that helps attractive young women who want to date older successful men find a match and vice versa. The sugar daddy site has a rather big and active community and more than 430K monthly visits, so meeting a sugar baby or a sugar daddy on this website is definitely possible and relatively easy.

Just like on most dating sites, you need to sign up in order to be able to use RichMeetBeautiful. Fortunately, the registration process was easy and quick, and we didn’t have any problems with that. To find sugar partners faster, female users verify their profiles, but male users do not have to do that if they want more privacy.

As we have already mentioned above, sugar babies who want to find a mutually beneficial relationship verify their profiles by means of an ID, which minimizes the number of fake profiles and scammers on the site. In general, the profile quality on RichMeetBeautiful is rather high and, even though there are some undetailed female profiles, the competition is still high, meaning sugar daddies must work on their profiles too.

How to create a good RichMeetBeautiful account?

Nowadays, there is high competition on most sugar dating sites, meaning to succeed, sugar daddies have to make sure their profiles are polished. So here are some tips on creating a decent sugar daddy profile on RichMeetBeautiful:

  • Make sure you fill in your profile completely—add all the important info about you, such as age, location, life interests, relationship goals, etc.
  • Don’t forget to add some photos since real sugar babies avoid profiles without pictures
  • Do not write too much info in your bio because the chances are nobody is going to read it to the end

So use these simple tips and your profile will no doubt succeed on RichMeetBeautiful.

RichMeetBeautiful pricing

Certainly, pricing is an important aspect of any dating site, which is why we decided to investigate this topic in detail. So without any further ado, let us begin.

Premium Silver (1 month)$69.99 per month
Premium Gold (3 months)$59.99 per month
Premium Platinum (6 months)$49.99 per month
Premium Diamond (12 months)$39.99 per month

Free features

Even though RichMeetBeautiful is a premium service, there are many free features any sugar daddy can enjoy. In particular, members do not have to pay for such features as:

  • Registration
  • Browsing other users’ profiles
  • Liking profiles
  • Using advanced search
  • Contacting the support service
richmeetbeautiful members

As you can see, there are enough free features that will help you test the site and understand whether this service is for you before upgrading to premium.

Premium membership

Obviously, like on many sugar dating sites, you need to pay for communication and other premium features on RichMeetBeautiful. So let’s talk about the premium membership offers in more detail.

Premium Silver (1 month)—$69.99 per month

  • Unlimited chat
  • Ability to see people who viewed and liked your profile
  • Unlimited likes
  • Private photos request
  • Ability to send gifts

Premium Gold (3 months)—$59.99 per month

  • Viewing winks, likes, and profile views
  • Sending gifts
  • Unlimited communication
  • Ability to request private photos

Premium Platinum (6 months)—$49.99 per month

  • Ability to browse users who liked or winked you or viewed your profile
  • Unlimited messaging and likes
  • Gifts
  • Private photos request

Premium Diamond (12 months)—$39.99 per month

  • Unlimited chatting
  • Private photos request
  • Opportunity to see who viewed your profile, liked you, or winked you
  • Unlimited likes
  • Gifts
richmeetbeautiful presents

As you can see, all the packages offer the same features, yet the prices vary. So in case you just want to try this service and see whether it will work for you, we recommend Silver membership. If you are sure that you are going to use RichMeetBeautiful for a long time, go ahead and get a Diamond membership since it’s going to be cheaper.

Our experience using premium features on RichMeetBeautiful

To test all the premium features the site offers, we bought Silver membership and were completely satisfied. We got access to all the features we needed and, most importantly, unlocked the ability to send free messages to as many users as we wanted.

All in all, we cannot say that premium membership offers many unique features. However, it gives you all you need for successful online dating, namely:

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Private keys to see locked photos
  • Ability to send gifts to men and women you like

In fact, this is all genuine date-seeking people need. So if you don’t want to be distracted by numerous fancy features, RichMeetBeautiful is no doubt for you.

So what do we think about the RichMeetBeautiful pricing policy?

Well, we do believe that it’s pretty good. You see, compared to other sugar dating sites, premium subscription packages on RichMeetBeautiful are rather affordable. Plus, all of them provide unlimited messaging so that you can talk to as many genuine young women as you wish. Thus, we can confidently say that the RichMeetBeautiful premium subscription is worth its price.

How to look for a sugar partner on RichMeetBeautiful?

Regardless of the fact that you are a premium member or a free one, you can easily look for potential sugar partners on RichMeetBeautiful, so let’s talk about it in more detail.


richmeetbeautiful search filters

The search tab is located in the upper left corner, and to open the search tool, you just need to click on the tab. In the search section, you can filter the possible partners by:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Looks
  • Hair
  • Eyes
  • Orientation
  • Habits
  • Personality, etc.

Once you get your search results, you can scroll the accounts of potential matches and open the ones that you liked the best to see more info. All in all, everything is simple and easy to understand.


You can either open a RichMeetBeautiful woman’s profile from the search results or by clicking on her picture in the messages, profile views, or likes sections. Usually, girls add a lot of info about themselves to their profile descriptions, but there are some undetailed accounts. So in a good profile, you will find such details as name, location, photos, verified badge (if the account is verified), appearance details, interests, and more. If you like this or that girl, you can like her profile, send her a gift, or message her.

richmeetbeautiful profile


On Rich Meet Beautiful, there is only one communication option, which is live chat. Obviously, it is only available for premium users. So if you want to talk to a girl, you can click on the “Message me” button in her profile or find the needed chat in the messages section. Everything is pretty simple, so you definitely won’t have any problems with that.

richmeetbeautiful chat

RichMeetBeautiful is pretty easy to use. Although it doesn’t have as many communication features as other dating sites—it still has a great advanced search, verified profiles, and convenient chat that will help you find your dream partner in no time.

Unique features

To be honest, RichMeetBeautiful doesn’t offer any unique features like a newsfeed, video streams, or swiping search options. On this sugar dating site, everything is pretty simple—if you need to find a potential sugar baby, you should head to the search section; in case you feel like you want to chat with this or that sugar baby, you just message her. Nothing special and out-of-the-ordinary. But if a sugar daddy simply wants to meet an attractive sugar baby, does he really need anything else?

RichMeetBeautiful user experience

Certainly, the most interesting part of any sugar dating site review is user experience, and we are super excited to share ours. We had been using RichMeetBeautiful for about a month, and we met many attractive ladies there. We became really close with three young women, so let’s talk about the experience with each lady in more detail.

Date #1 Young daredevil

The very first interesting girl we met on this online dating site was a true daredevil. Attractive and elegant, Mary impressed us at first sight, but when we got to know her better, we found out that she was into extreme sports, in particular, rafting. One of our team members who was working on this review is simply crazy about rafting, so he and Mary immediately found common ground. In fact, he was even thinking about asking Mary out on a date, but since she was interested in sugar relationships only and our teammate wanted a regular one, the date never happened.

Date #2 Classy lady

After a few days of using the site, we noticed that we got several private messages from some beautiful women, one of whom was Samantha. To be honest, Samantha really stunned us because we did not expect to meet such a classy and educated woman on a sugar dating platform. She looked, talked, and behaved like a millionaire’s wife, and there was something almost magical about her. We chatted for about two weeks with Samantha and then decided to meet her in real life. She was as flawless and elegant as in her photos, and she simply mesmerized our team member who went on a date with her. Unfortunately, our mate did not end up dating her simply because supporting such a sugar partner costs a lot of money. But we are totally sure that Samantha will make some rich sugar daddy truly happy.

Date #3 Sugar mummy

Believe it or not, we met a sugar mummy on RichMeetBeautiful. Certainly, the number of sugar mummies on this site is extremely low, but it’s still possible to meet one. Clara texted us first and immediately asked us out on a date. We assume she is just one of those women who simply don’t want to waste their time on pointless talks. We did not think too long and sent one of our teammates on a date with Clara. As a matter of fact, she appeared to be a nice woman who just needed someone’s company and attention, so we really hope she will meet a sugar baby who will provide her with that. As you can see, on RichMeetBeautiful are men and women to all tastes, so you will surely find the very sugar partner that will meet all your requirements on this popular dating site.

Expert opinion

Marty Cooper
Rich Meet Beautiful rate

So what can we say about RichMeetBeautiful? Well, it’s a pretty decent online dating site that offers interesting features for both premium and free users. The service has a great and active community, a low number of fake accounts, as well as genuine customer service. Even though the site does not have many unique features, it still has everything one needs to find a successful relationship. So make sure to give this online dating platform a try.

Tips on using RichMeetBeautiful sugar dating site

Succeeding on any dating website mostly depends on you, so make sure to remember the following tips that will help you succeed on RichMeetBeautiful:

  • Text other users first if you like them
  • Don’t be afraid to talk about your dating style and relationship preferences
  • Avoid users who seem too good to be true
  • Pay attention to featured users since there might be some decent options for you
  • Never send money to strangers you meet on the site
  • Avoid sharing your contact details, as well as your credit card info, with other users
  • Report fake profiles and suspicious users
  • Never send nudes or other provocative content to other members since it can be used to blackmail you

These simple tips will help you have the best user experience on RichMeetBeautiful, so make sure to remember and use those.


All in all, we can say that RichMeetBeautiful is a rather decent service for finding sugar partners. It is legit, it has a great community, and even though RichMeetBeautiful doesn’t offer unique features many major competitor’s sites do, it still has everything one needs for successful online dating. So if you feel like you are ready for sugar relationships, go ahead and sign up on RichMeetBeautiful.

Marty Cooper
Marty Cooper is a professional writer and researcher. He is responsible for fact-checking, finding useful links and statistics, checking the details, and of course, writing posts for our website. Marty is our main sugar dating website tester—he analyzes all the factors and provides the distillation of the most useful and interesting data.
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