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What Does PPM Stand for? Pay Per Meet System Explained

What Does PPM Stand for? Pay Per Meet System Explained

What does PPM stand for? It isn’t pump performance monitoring and has nothing to do with performance management. Program management and process monitoring don’t apply either. Simply put, the abbreviation word PPM means pay per meet.

However, it is not what it looks like—in sugar dating, this slang term has nothing to do with sex work. So, let’s take a closer look at PPM and see why some daddies and babies avoid it.

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Definition of PPM – Dating, Payments, and Dangers Explained

As you probably know, sugar dating is about sponsorship. Sugar daddy is like an international monetary fund, a sponsor, and sugar baby is the one who receives financial support.

There are different forms of this financial support—in particular, some daddies pay particular amounts monthly or PPM, and some give only gifts and pay for vacations and dates.

sugar baby on ppm

Those who prefer to give money instead of things also fall under the two categories—those who pay per meeting, i.e., do a PPM, and those who pay allowance, for example, send a sugar baby a million every month… joking, just a negotiated fixed sum.


Of course, if it’s PPM, the amount is discussed, usually before the meeting. Note that sugar babies should be very careful—some “daddies” who seem to agree to pay one PPM may ask for their personal information, which is a red sign, and you shouldn’t believe a word. After all, like experienced babies say, “cash is a king”.

Some sugar babies may also get perks from PPM as mentorship or ‘project management’, where their daddies boost their careers. It is very popular among SDs who work in software development and various organizations close to show biz, like some singing groups.

PPM Arrangement: Is It Legal?

Generally speaking, it depends. The most important thing you should know about sugar dating is that it is not equivalent to prostitution. And sugar daddy sites like Secret Benefits or SugarDaddy.com are not various companies with thousands of women for sale.

sugar baby after pay per meet

In sugar arrangements, people usually concentrate on commitment, and sex only happens if both parties want it. Hence, if you date someone and travel to various locations, you can get PPM even if sex is not involved.

However, wherein sugar daddy gives money to sugar baby on per meeting basis, instead of monthly basis, may fall under the definition of prostitution where both parties would be guilty if sex is the main goal and the main service.

Real PPM Example

Let’s say that a “sugar baby” meets a “sugar daddy” on the site such as WhatsYourPrice and they start discussing the conditions. A “daddy” says that he wants to have sex, and do PPM on the first date in New Jersey and is ready to pay $500.

If a sugar baby agrees, in this case, she is not an SB—she is a sex worker, so yes, they both will be considered guilty. If they discuss the same amount, but it is just a date, the processing method doesn’t apply.

sugar baby happy with sugar dating

How Much PPM for Sugar Relationship?

What about the amounts men PMM? Sugar daddy—how much is he likely to spend? It depends on a sugar baby. Most ladies may ask $200-$300 for a date, but some women ask for $500-$600 per meeting, and they are considered the highest-paid SBs.

Type What the price includesCosts in big cities Costs in smaller cities 
Platonic dates (including the first one) Dinner
Standard sugar dates Dinner
Overnight date (more than 12 hours)Dinner
Breakfast together

What Affects the PPM Cost?

So, the cost of a date varies, and though it’s sometimes subjective, in most cases, it can be higher or lower depending on the following:

  • The type of date—just company or company + intimacy. In fact, some sugar daddies give full amounts for a date, no matter if there’s a sexy time or just movies and dinner. However, it’s not always the case, so you can expect the platonic date to cost lower than a standard sugar date (which, however, can include or not include intimacy according to your wish).
  • Duration of a date—a few hours or all the night. Again, there is no price list with rates per hour, but the duration matters. A few hours in a cafe will cost less than an overnight or a two-day weekend together.
  • Standard factors—city, appearance, education level of a sugar baby, etc. Of course, regular factors that affect the cost of allowance and PPM shouldn’t be underestimated, too. Sugar daddies usually value youth, beauty, good conversation, and other qualities that make people attractive, and they’re ready to pay sugar babies who meet their expectations more. Such sugar babies, in turn, know the demand is high and usually set higher prices, too.

There are a lot of things to consider when setting your PPM cost, but you can rely on the average cost which is around $400 per date not to go wrong with the price.

Why You Should and Shouldn’t Do a Pay-Per-Meeting

Here are the reasons why PPM is still quite popular:

  1. It creates a safer environment for babies who don’t want to get scammed by Salt daddies
  2. It’s better for SBs who need money now
  3. It’s better for daddies who want to meet an SB not that often
  4. It’s better for SDs who date a few sugar babies at the same time, and don’t want to pay a monthly allowance to all of them
  5. Relationships can be stopped at any time without money loss

And here you can check out the reasons why some SBs and SDs prefer not to do PPM:

  • Closer to sex work
  • May be expensive
  • Daddies pay for the first date, too, and just lose money if they don’t like SB

As you can see, PPM has both pros and cons, and choosing it may be an initiative of a sugar daddy or a sugar baby. PPM may be beneficial for both.

Final Thoughts on PPM

Now you know the meaning of the abbreviation. And to sum up, it’s always up to SD and SB. That’s what sugar dating is about: you discuss the terms and do your relationship project management that works for both.PPM is not illegal unless it’s only about sex that is measured by money, and it is pretty common to “spoil” a sugar baby and take care of her performance management.


What does PPM mean in dating?

The idea of PPM is gaining popularity in the sugar dating industry. The abbreviation means Pay Per Meet, as in this kind of relationship, the sugar daddy pays the sugar baby a certain sum of money over a predetermined amount of time. Usually, the amount of PPM is discussed before the meeting.

What is a PPM arrangement?

A PPM arrangement is a type of sugar relationship in which a sugar daddy rewards a sugar baby with a certain sum of money in exchange for their time together. While using a PPM type of allowance, a sugar daddy pays at the end of each date. On average, the meeting might last from a few hours to an entire night of entertainment.

What does PPM mean sexually?

In the adult work industry, PPM characterizes people who provide sexual services in exchange for one-time payments. This concept is essentially the same as prostitution. Fortunately, in case you choose reliable sugar dating services and take the necessary safety precautions, you’ll never have to worry about it.

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  1. That was well written and cleared the questions that have lingered on for months prior to this untangling.

    • from my experience in the conversations / initial meeting prior to an actual arrangement the man will (and should) bring this up. when you create a profile for yourself or they ask what you’re looking for often times explicitly stating that you want something mutually beneficial is also a polite way of expressing that you would like to receive some form of material compensation for your time (whether it be gifts/trips/cash/etc…).

    • Well, I’m not an expert but I’ve been sugar dating for quite a while and I can say that you should always get your money somewhere at the start of the date. The secret here is in being respectful, but quite direct. In my experience, SDs usually give money quite early on to get the tension and the money question out of the way. But if a SD avoids talking about the money, finds excuses not to pay, or insists on paying after the night—that’s not a man you should spend your time on.

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