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How to Be A Sugar Baby Online in 2023

How to Be A Sugar Baby Online in 2023

You have probably heard a lot about traditional sugar babies that find a sugar daddy online, go to regular meetings, and get cash. But are there sugar daddies who are willing to pay just for chatting? Is it real to be a sugar baby online?

Find all the answers about sugar dating online and check out reliable sugar daddy websites that can help you become a cyber sugar baby and meet wealthy men who can provide $1,000+ of monthly allowance.

If you still undecided which platform to choose, here is the list of the best websites to become a sugar baby:

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Can You Be a Sugar Baby Online Only?

If short, yes. Becoming an online-only sugar baby is harder but completely possible.

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Traditional sugar relationships with regular meetings that include intimacy take around 90-95% of all sugar dating arrangements. But there are still 5-10% left, and those are the relationships of sugar daddies and sugar babies who are interested primarily in online sugar dating.

Even though cyber sugar relationships are rare, they still happen, so you have a chance to meet rich sugar daddies who are willing to pay without having meetings IRL. Read on and find out how to be a sugar baby online and what is an average cyber sugar baby allowance.

How Much Do Online Sugar Babies Make?

Well, sugar daddies or sugar babies don’t usually disclose how much money they pay or receive, for obvious reasons. But we know that a traditional sugar baby gets around $3,000 per month or $300-$500 per date. Is online only sugar baby making the same?

The thought about a sugar daddy’s ability to pay thousands for nothing is rather close to dreams than to reality. Overpromising is actually a huge red sign of a scammer who wants to get your personal information or to benefit from you in any other way.

On average, a cyber sugar baby gets around $1,000-$1,500 per month or around $200-$400 per week. Cyber sugar babies rarely receive payments on per date basic, as they don’t usually have dates. The most common way of payment is PayPal or money apps like Venmo. But some sugar babies also receive prepaid credit cards or gift cards.

money apps

Additionally, both traditional and cyber sugar babies may get presets and their rent paid, as well as receive additional money for salons or vacations. But they are not usually a part of the sugar baby allowance.

What Do Online Sugar Babies Do?

Each sugar baby arrangement varies as different sugar daddies have different needs that they want to cover having a sugar baby. As a rule, in such sugar arrangements sugar babies have certain obligations.

  • Have regular chat conversations. Most of the communication in a cyber sugar relationship happens through text communication. Sugar daddies seek an emotional connection with female sugar babies, like to have attention from attractive women who are way out of their league. Also, text chat is, as a rule, the least expensive service on sugar daddy dating sites, which is another reason why many sugar babies are predominantly using it.
  • Exchange photos/videos. Appearance is the most powerful tool for a sugar baby, and as in online-only arrangements, sugar daddy and sugar baby don’t actually meet, exchanging photos and videos is the second-best thing. But don’t assume that sugar babies are only sending sexy photos or nudes. A lot of sugar daddies who seek companionship are curious about different details of the day and like standard selfies a lot. However, more spicy photos are also very common on sugar dating websites, but not all sugar babies do them.
  • Have phone conversations. Not all sugar dating sites have calls as a service, but many sugar daddies enjoy having conversations on the phone. They want someone to be curious about their day life or just have a good chat with an utter stranger that doesn’t judge. However, if calls are a part of a cyber sugar arrangement is negotiated by both sides.
  • Have video dates. Not only sending videos is fun, but having full-on video chat dates is also a favorite form of communication of many sugar daddies. Yet not many cyber sugar babies are up for it. Some professional SBs charge more for such “dates” as additional PPM to their monthly allowance, especially if a sugar daddy has certain preferences in how a sugar baby should look like or behave.
sugar daddy meets sugar baby online

Those are the key activities that many sugar babies are doing during their sugar daddy relationships on sugar baby websites. However, as all mutually beneficial relationships are different, your sugar daddy might want only one type of communication or have some specific desires, like the wish to control what you are wearing or even such details as the nail form.

How to Become a Sugar Baby Without Meeting?

First of all, you need to understand that becoming an online-only sugar baby is way harder than finding a rich sugar daddy who wants to have a traditional mutually beneficial relationship. To start your journey on one of the best sugar daddy dating sites in the most efficient way, follow our step-by-step guide:

  1. Explore your options of the sugar daddy websites. Don’t join the first sugar dating site you see. Opt for the largest sugar daddy websites like Ashley Madison, or find sugar daddies on smaller sugar daddy sites but with many good reviews.
  2. Pick a sugar dating site that covers your needs. Sugar daddy dating may come in different forms, and before you commit to a particular platform, make sure that it’s comfortable for cyber sugar dating and is at all recommended for such relationships. If you are not sure, check out the list of the best sugar daddy sites we selected for you.
  3. Join and create an eye-catching sugar baby online dating profile. On average, sugar daddies spend only 5-6 seconds on a new sugar baby account. So to catch their attention—add 5-6 hot photos and a catchy headline.

There is nothing hard about joining the best sugar daddy site and creating a profile, but you need to be ready for competition. Read on and learn some useful new sugar babes tips.

Cyber Sugar Baby Tips for Beginners

We gathered some advice from ambitious babies that consider sugar daddy dating the best type of relationships.

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  • Create a separate sugar baby persona. When joining sugar dating sites, you should always take care of your safety, and creating a fake name and even a full personality is a good way to go.
  • Invest time in your profile. Don’t rush creating a website profile; you need to be very strategic about each field and make them ultimate magnets for potential sugar daddies.
  • Make your bio informative and engaging. Communicate your interests but don’t be aggressively direct when doing it; flirt, or add playfully questions to make a sugar daddy want to message you.
  • Add 5-7 good photos. A great sugar baby always takes advantage of sexy photos on the profile as let’s be honest, appearance is one of the main reasons a wealthy sugar daddy or sugar momma seek a sugar baby.
  • Don’t be afraid to cut off conversations that seem off. You need to be ready that there are many weirdos even on the best sugar daddy websites. There is no need to reply to all of them.

We hope that these tips will help you get the best sugar daddies on the sugar daddy app or site.

How to Be an Online Sugar Baby and Make More: Advanced Recommendations

Every good online sugar baby is a kind of a good psychologist—she doesn’t have to have a degree, but she should know and use certain tricks to keep a sugar daddy interested even without meeting him IRL. It’s not

  1. Never complain or sound needy. That’s the main rule that all sugar babies need to follow, but it’s just essential for virtual sugar babies. You should be associated with flirting, sex, the unique magic of femininity, teasing, and other positive things. You should never get too “real,” especially in the negative sense. Share if you feel that’s the right thing to do, but don’t overshare—your sugar daddy must not become your supporter but a man who dreams of you all the time.
  2. Develop your dirty talk skills. Men looking for a sugarbaby online rarely expect to start a platonic relationship with a girl they’re going to spoil. They also aren’t looking for just a webcam model—a virtual sugar relationship is more like a long-distance relationship between two people, and sexual attraction is an important part of it. A good sugar baby should practice teasing a man verbally.
  3. Let him fantasize about you. Don’t be too direct and straightforward, and again, avoid oversharing. Be an addictive fairytale he will never forget despite the fact it will never be real.

Undoubtedly, a sugar daddy seems to be in charge, but in reality, a good virtual sugar baby is the one who controls the process—she gives him almost everything he wants to get, but it’s never enough, so he returns and returns to get a bit more of everything, from hot talks to positive emotions and deep conversations.

How to Get an Online Sugar Daddy?

After you register on a sugar daddy site, you need to work on your sugar baby bio. It should state what types of relationships you are interested in. Being clear about your intentions, i.e., that you are not interested in meeting sugar daddies IRL, will save you time in replying to tons of unnecessary chats on the dating app.

Another piece of advice is to be in active search and look for sugar daddies who are also interested in cyber sugar relationships. Only when you find your first sugar daddy who will provide financial support, you can call yourself a sugar baby.


Modern sugar dating sites can help you find a cyber sugar daddy without meetings. But you need to be ready that search for wealthy men who are interested in mutually beneficial relationships of such type is not easy. A cyber sugar daddy ratio is around 1 to 10 traditional sugar daddies. But the best sugar dating sites can make your desire a reality and your search—much easier.

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