15 Best Sugar Daddy Websites To Find A Match in 2022


Are you looking for the top sugar daddy dating sites to find sugar relationships? Just keep reading—we’ve already chosen the 15 best sugar and mainstream dating sites for you.

Here are the TOP-3 websites, the whole ranking with short reviews of sites see below.

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#1. Secret Benefits9.9

  • Advantages: rapidly growing in 2022
  • Types of dating: sugar, NSA, FWB
  • Registration: free
secret benefits

Secret Benefits was designed specifically for sugar dating relationships. This sugar daddies website has over 19 million visits per month, and about 80% of users are male members, i.e., sugar daddies.

The sugar daddy site lets members send messages, find a sugar baby or sugar daddy in your area, and view secret albums. The good news is that most profiles are verified and users upload real photos.

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#2. SugarDaddy.com9.8 ⭐

  • Advantages: most users are from the US
  • Types of dating: sugar, NSA, FWB
  • Registration: free

As its name suggests, SugarDaddy.com was designed for sugar dating and nothing but sugar dating. This sugar daddy website doesn’t provide statistics on the number of members, but we looked through the profiles on the sugar site—it definitely has a lot of users in the US, and there is not such a large gap between the male to female ratio (the majority of women we have seen are in their 20s, and men are in their 40s.)

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#3. Ashley Madison9.7

  • Advantages: members can use site anonymously
  • Types of dating: casual, affairs, sugar, NSA, FWB
  • Registration: free
ashley madison

Ashley Madison is one of the best sugardaddy websites, especially if he is married and wants to feel safe when looking for a sugar relationship online. What makes the Ashley Madison sugar daddy website stand out? There is an opportunity to use the site anonymously, users can use the Traveling Man feature, and it’s free for all women, which is a huge advantage for most sugar babies.

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#4. Seeking.com9.5 ⭐

Advantages: trusted site with a long history
Types of dating: mainstream, luxury
Registration: free


Seeking.com is the most popular ex-sugar baby & sugar daddy dating site in the world. Since March 2022 the website has positioned itself as a mainstream dating platform. Currently, Seeking.com has about 10 million members from different countries, and 80% of them are women, and about 20% are men.

This dating site is known for its perfectly-working and unique features—messaging is not the only thing the platform has to offer. Interaction on Seeking.com are free for those who upload real profile pictures, and also this site offers the anonymous mode.

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#5. WhatsYourPrice9.3 ⭐

  • Advantages: men can bid on dates with attractive women
  • Types of dating: sugar, NSA, FWB
  • Registration: free

WhatsYourPrice is a sugar dating site with almost half a million members from the US only. Sugar daddies place bids on the first date, and that makes the dating site special.

About 40% of WhatsYourPrice members are female sugar babies, and nearly 35% of them are college students. SDs and SBs who want to have a wide choice can consider joining this platform and start placing bids or answering the requests.

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#6. Emily Dates9.1

  • Advantages: most sugar babies are smart ambitious women
  • Types of dating: sugar, NSA, FWB
  • Registration: free
emily dates

Emily Dates is a great website for a sugar daddy looking for no strings attached. Currently, it has over 1.5 million members worldwide, and about 30% are sugar daddies looking for beautiful women to spoil.

It looks like a premium dating site, but it doesn’t offer premium membership plans and lets members buy credits instead. SBs and SDs can interact via emails and in live chat, and share photos.

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#7. Sugarbook8.9

  • Advantages: Live streams, unlimited messages, private photos
  • Types of dating: Sugar dating, casual dating, LGBTQ+ dating
  • Registration: Free

Sugarbook is among the most popular Asian sugar daddy sites, with over 3 million users and a balanced 60/40 male-to-female user ratio. Setting up an account takes minutes, and the verification process makes online dating safer for all parties.

Aside from traditional messaging and private photo features, SugarBook offers free live streams with messaging and virtual gift functionality. And the Terms of Relationship badges help find like-minded partners with similar dating goals, i.e., hookups, monthly allowance, etc.

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#8. Sugar Daddy Meet8.8

  • Advantages: all profiles are real and verified
  • Types of dating: sugar, NSA, FWB
  • Registration: free

Sugar Daddy Meet now has over 1.8 members, over 70% of whom are sugar babies. What makes this sugardaddy site special? The thing is it accepts sugar daddies only from the 20 most developed countries in the world, which makes it much safer for sugar babies to use it.

On top of that, unlike other sugar sites, the moderators delete suspicious profiles, and you can’t sign up for the site without verifying your phone number and uploading a real profile picture.

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#9. Rich Meet Beautiful8.7

  • Advantages: most members are young sugar babies
  • Types of dating: sugar, NSA, FWB
  • Registration: free
rich meet beautiful

Rich Meet Beautiful, also known as EliteMeetsBeauty, is a growing sugar dating platform that now has about 120,000 members, most of whom are from the United States. Like most other sugar sites, it has more sugar babies than sugar daddies, and most ladies are in their twenties. RMB has plenty of features; some, including search and viewing who liked your profile, are free, and some are paid ones. In particular, messaging and sending gifts are available only to members who’ve paid for the premium subscription.

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#10. OurSecret – 8.5

  • Advantages: Intuitive and simple interface
  • Types of dating: FWB, casual, sugar
  • Registration: Free

Created in 2004, OurSecret is one of the oldest dating services for casual and sugar relationships. OurSecret has more than 270,000 unique monthly visitors, but it’s not about the number of profiles, it’s about their quality—from what we’ve seen, almost all profiles on this platform look real and lots of them are verified by video.

OurSecret sugar daddy website has a credit system, but you don’t need to pay for every message here—you’ll only need 10 credits to unlock the conversation with a user.

The number of messaging tools isn’t that high: basically, you can only send text messages on OurSecret. However, that’s what most sugar and casual dating sites offer, so the narrow range of messaging services shouldn’t come as a surprise.

#11. SugarDaddyForMe8.3

  • Advantages: 3 day free trial
  • Types of dating: sugar, NSA, FWB
  • Registration: free

SugarDaddyForMe is one of the legit sugar daddy websites that have a lot of members in the USA. Currently, this sugar website has 4 million users in America, to be exact, and over 2,000 daily logins.

More than 60% of them are sugar babies, and more than 30% of them are sugar daddies, which means this is a great place for babies because of the high number of wealthy men and lower competition compared to the one on other sugar sites.

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#12. SugarDaddie.com8.1

  • Advantages: old and reputable sugar website
  • Types of dating: sugar, NSA, FWB
  • Registration: free

SugarDaddie.com is a fast-growing sugar dating site with almost 300,000 in the US. 30% of them are sugar babies, and almost 70% are sugar daddies.

It makes this sugar dating site a good choice for sugar daddies: the more ladies there are, the higher the chance to meet the most suitable sugar partner.

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#13. Established Men8.0

  • Advantages: the website for older men
  • Types of dating: casual, sugar, NSA, FWB
  • Registration: free
established man

Established Men is another promising platform that already has over 200,000 members in the US. Like many other niche websites, it has more female members—about 70% of registered users are sugar babies.

The administration carefully checks each new account and has no tolerance to scam, so no surprise this dating site is quite popular but has lower membership than other sites: the more attentive the admins, the fewer fake profiles there are.

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#14. Hot Or Not7.8

  • Advantages: you can use servise as a website and as an App
  • Types of dating: casual, sugar, NSA, FWB
  • Registration: free
hot or not

Hot Or Not is one of the largest sites where ladies and gentlemen can meet each other and rate each other’s photos ever—currently, it has more than 300 million users worldwide.

This is one of the rare sugar sites where men outnumber women—over 60% of members are male users. And if it’s the best site is only for you to decide.

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#15. MillionaireLove – 7.6

  • Advantages: Free profile browsing
  • Types of dating: Casual, sugar
  • Registration: Free 
millionairelove website

MillionaireLove was created in 2004, and since that time, its reputation has grown both nationally and internationally. The quality of profiles is quite good on MillionaireLove and most of them look real.

This website for sugar daddy has several free services and features. You can sign up on this platform for free, check out profiles of sugar daddies and sugar babies, and add them to your Favorite list without paying anything. If you want to get access to a communication tool (instant messages) and/or to secret albums of other users, you’ll need to buy credits. Premium users are ranked higher in search results and therefore get more attention and messages from other users.

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How to choose the right sugar daddy site

There are two most important things you should consider, and it’s the quality of services and your own priorities. Sounds obvious, right, but we’d like to provide some more specific recommendations, too: 

  • Specialization matters. There are sites created for married sugar daddies and sugar babies, sugar daddies dating sites, mixed dating sites, sugar momma sites, etc (you can see the ratings of the best sugar dating sites by their type). First, try to find a platform where you will have a better chance of finding a suitable partner fast and easily.
  • Learn as much as possible about the platform before joining the community. We highly recommend searching for all the information available on the web. There are website reviews, customer reviews, as well as the information provided by the company itself (usually on the footer of the site). It’s enough to do the background check and exclude all obviously wrong options.
  • Take a close look at the price list. This is important because a lot of sites run on credit-based systems, and some of them have hidden costs, so you can spend much more than you initially thought you’d spend. In most cases, amounts are not so large, but being overcharged doesn’t feel that great. 
  • Test a few best services. On all good sites, registration is free. If you have already narrowed the search to a few best options, join these platforms to view profiles, test some free or premium features if there’s a free trial or free credits for newcomers. 

Stay on the safest platform with the largest number of potential partners. There are a lot of decent websites, but sometimes sticking to the one with the biggest audience is much better than choosing services over the number of candidates.

How does the sugar daddy website work?

Sugar daddy dating sites exist to bring people looking for no-strings-attached dating and mutually beneficial relationships together. The best sugardaddy sites can help find gorgeous sugar babies instead of wasting time on online dating and a series of boring encounters. But how does a sugar daddy website work?

The main benefit of best sugar dating sites is that they have women predominantly interested in sugar relationships. You don’t need to waste time filtering candidates on other dating sites who don’t share your goals. A typical sugar baby knows the rules of the sugar game, is open to sugar daddy relationships, and is ready to play and be spoiled.

Guide getting a baby or daddy on sugar dating websites

Here is a step-by-step guide of how real sugar relationships are arranged on the sugar daddy app or site.

First sugar dating phase

  • Sugar daddy or sugar mama register to one of the real sugar daddy websites
  • He or she creates a profile, makes a catchy headline and bio, and adds great photos.
  • Potential sugar babies do the same.

Second phase on sugar dating sites

  • Both parties of the sugar relationship get attention from each other by exploring the sugar dating scene.
  • If interest is mutual sugar baby and daddy negotiate an agreement.

Third sugar dating phase

  • They go on a first date and see it leads to more long-term relationships.
  • Both parties can end the relationship at any time and opt for other sugar babies or daddies.

That’s how arrangements on sugar sites usually happen. But there is no universal way that will work for all.

Why should you seek arrangements on a specialized sugar site?

The best websites for sugar daddies make the process super easy. Daddies and sugar mommas have quick access to a variety of stunning young women and guys who are interested in rich men or women.

On the other hand, babies use the top sugar daddy sites to connect to rich sugar daddies or mamas, who are wealthy men or women looking for a sugar baby.

Wrapping up

So, these were the top-11 real sugardaddy websites that work both for babies and daddies. Each of them has its own pros and cons, some of the platforms are cheaper, some are more expensive, some have more male members, and some have more sugar babies. Just choose the platform that is likely to work for you personally.

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Brett Wagner
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What is the safest sugar daddy website?

It’s hard to say which is the safest, but Secret Benefits meet all the safety requirements. Members can’t join without adding real photos, there’s video verification, & the site is manually moderated. Still, other safe sites also meet these criteria on our ranking.

Where can I find a sugar daddy for free?

There are a lot of websites where a sugar baby can send messages to sugar daddies for free. SecretBenefits, Seeking.com, Ashley Madison, and Hot or Not are some of the best options to choose from.

Are there legit sugar daddies on Instagram?

Of course, there are sugar daddies and rich men who’d like to start a sugar relationship with someone on Instagram. Still, we’d not recommend people who use sugar daddy/sugar dating hashtags and have a typical rich-guy account. Such cases are likely to be a scam.

    • Hello, Ash!
      Thanks for your feedback. Beauty comes in different shapes and forms, and men using sugar baby dating sites have different preferences. Yet, most professional sugar babies put a lot of effort into looking in accordance with the understanding of what is currently considered “attractive”, yet you still can find thousands of self-confident partners who prefer to follow their own understanding of what is beautiful. To learn more about sugar babies, their behavior and preferences, read this article: https://sugardaddysites.pro/blog/what-is-a-sugar-baby/

  1. I found a sugar daddy due to this review. Immediately after reading, I registered on the first three sites from the list and started receiving messages from men. For a long time, I could not decide what kind of man I needed. But after a month of active communication on the site, I still found my ideal sugar daddy. He is rich, bright, and has a great sense of humor! I thank Secret Benefits and this site for this opportunity.

  2. I met my sugar baby at Sugar Daddy Meet. This happened on the 6th day after registering. She wrote to me herself. I just want to say that even if you aren’t active, you can definitely find a girl for yourself on this site. The girls write first, and they’re such beauties…

  3. The review is very cool! Such a huge selection, and the information is presented in a very structured way. I am striving to become a sugar baby, so all the information from this review will be very useful to me.

  4. From this list, I used Emily Dates. The design of the site is simple, but the girls are high class. I managed to find the right sugar baby fairly quickly. I especially appreciated the fact that you can not be limited to only one country. This greatly expands the choice.

  5. I read this review a year ago and signed up for Ashley Madison and SugarDaddy.com. I did not regret it one bit! I managed to find a sugar baby on both sites, and I can say that I agree with the description and ratings. It’s fair that SugarDaddy.com is rated higher, but Ashley Madison has its own unique personality, making it a very high-quality site as well.

  6. Thanks for your review! You have paid a lot of attention to detail, and I think I have found the sites that suit me. I especially liked the site rating section.

    • Jim, in our experience, not all girls are looking for men who will buy them cars and provide them with a good time on a yacht. Of course, to be a sugar daddy, it is important to be successful. At the same time, one needs to have an above-average income for your region. You just need to understand that the higher the income, the greater the choice of girls. But in any case, there is always a chance.

    • Yes, sugar sites do not provide illegal services. They just introduce people! People decide for themselves what kind of relationship to create. The legality of the sites is confirmed by the fact that they are in the Google search results. They have operated for many years, and even TV programs are made about them.

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