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How To Find Hot Sugar Babies & Rich Sugar Daddies in Florida

Florida is the fourth richest US state by Median Household income—currently, it has a GDP of over 1 trillion dollars, and of course, it’s also one of the states with the largest number of sugar babies and sugar daddies. What should you know about sugar dating in Florida? Find all the information below.

Top 3 best sugar daddy websites in Florida

Like people in other states, sugar daddies and sugar babies in Florida prefer to find partners online, and we’ve already chosen the 3 best sugar dating websites for you. 

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Best sugar daddy and sugar daddy profiles in Florida

What do the richest sugar daddies and the most attractive sugar babies in Florida look like? Take a look at the profiles of legit people from Florida seeking mutually beneficial relationships on sugar dating sites. 

How much does a sugar baby in Florida make?

Florida is the least affordable state to live in in the United States, so here, sugar babies earn nearly as much as sugar babies from New York. Nonetheless, it would be wrong to say that there’s a fixed amount of money that all SBs in Florida make—after all, it also depends on the status of a sugar baby in a sugar baby hierarchy, frequency of dates, and of course, a particular town or city. 

For example, for SBs living in Palm Beach, Bal Harbor, or Pinecrest, the average monthly allowance will be around $3,500-$4,000 (if they meet a SD regularly, for example, twice a week). In cities like Cape Coral, Forte Mead, or EdgeWater, it will be 1-2 thousand dollars lower than in bigger, more luxurious regions. Again, it’s important to consider other factors, too, and this amount of money doesn’t usually include extra gifts and trips to other states or countries. 

Best places to find sugar daddies in Florida

The more rich men live in the city, the better for a sugar baby. Here’s the list of cities in Florida where a young and attractive lady can find a benefactor pretty easily: 

  • Miami. Miami is actually one of the sugar dating capitals—of course, we couldn’t but mention it on our ranking. According to statistics, there are 2.68 sugar daddies per 1,000 males—more than most other cities in the United States have. 
  • Orlando. Did you know that entrepreneurs in Orlando may be in a better position to start a business than businessmen and businesswomen in Silicon Valley or New York City? This is one of the richest cities in Florida, and definitely one of the best places to find a sugar relationship. 
  • St. Petersburg. What about St.Petersburg? It’s also on all the top lists of the best cities, offers the highest-class fishing, has an amazing arts district, a lot of fancy restaurants, and a shuffleboard club that is now the largest in the entire world. In other words, it’s great for sugar relationships, too. 
  • Tampa. Tampa is the sixth best city to start a business in the United States. Every year, thousands of businessmen go there to stay and grow, and that, of course, is great news for all sugar babies in the city. 

Which city will be the best for you? Just make a choice. 

Pros & cons of sugar dating in Florida

Though sugar dating in Florida is more common than in many other states, it still has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the most important of them. 

  • Lots of businessmen, entrepreneurs, models, and actresses
  • No social stigma (at least not a strong one)
  • Easy to start a discreet relationship
  • Low chance of being recognized, good level of privacy
  • Lots of interesting and fun places to visit with a sugar partner
  • Higher rates for sugar babies narrow the pool of potential sugar daddies
  • High competition
  • More expensive for sugar daddies

Final thoughts 

So, is Florida a good place for sugar dating? Definitely yes—it’s rightfully considered one of the best states for sugar babies and sugar daddies. Here, benefactors can choose among thousands of hottest partners, and sugar babies can meet a lot of generous men and earn legitimately good monthly allowances. 

Marty Cooper
Marty Cooper is a professional writer and researcher. He is responsible for fact-checking, finding useful links and statistics, checking the details, and of course, writing posts for our website. Marty is our main sugar dating website tester—he analyzes all the factors and provides the distillation of the most useful and interesting data.
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