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Guide On How To Find A Sugar Daddy. Where To Find A Sugar Daddy?

Guide On How To Find A Sugar Daddy. Where To Find A Sugar Daddy?

How to talk to a potential sugar daddy? How to find a rich sugar daddy and keep him interested? How to get a sugar daddy without meeting him and is it actually possible? Read this guide on how to get a sugar daddy and learn how to do it!

Where to find a sugar daddy?

The only way you need to go if you want to know how to get a sugar daddy is sugar dating platforms such as Secret Benefits or SugarDaddy.com. They are safer than any other website you can use for this purpose and they are extremely popular. Such websites as WhatsYourPrice, for example, claims to have more than 2,000,000 sugar daddies.

Here is the list of the best websites to find a sugar daddy:

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You will most likely not have to pay—most sugar dating platforms are free for sugar babies. If you’re wondering how to message a sugar daddy, the answer is simple—you create a sugar baby profile, perform a sugar daddy search, choose men you like most, and start chatting with them, that’s all.

#1. Secret Benefits9.9

  • Advantages: User verification, secret browsing, private albums
  • Types of dating: Sugar daddy relationships
  • Registration: Free
secret benefits

With around 14M monthly visits [1], Secret Benefits is among the best sugar daddy websites. In fact, the dating pool is enormous, making the competition among sugar babies stiff. Plus, the platform offers essential communication tools, like live chat, photo exchange, and an advanced search feature with multiple filters.

Girls can reach out to daddies first, as Secret Benefits is free for female sugar babies, but men must invest in a premium membership. And while users can go through the verification process to gain more attention, sugar daddies don’t have to provide proof of income.

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#2. SugarDaddy.com9.7 ⭐

  • Advantages: Newsfeed, video verification, private photos and videos
  • Types of dating: Sugar dating
  • Registration: Free

SugarDaddy boasts around 1M active members [2] and stands out thanks to its top-tier user verification process. To get a check badge for a sugar baby profile, you’ll need to provide enough details about yourself and upload photos and a verification video. Sugar daddies go through the same process, making the platform safer for everyone.In terms of making contact and chatting, the communication features on SugarDaddy.com are standard for a sugar daddy dating site. You get live chat, photo exchange, and private albums available for credits. For sugar daddies, credit packages cost from $59 for 100 credits to $289 for 1,000 credits.

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#3. Ashley Madison9.5 ⭐

  • Advantages: Priority messages, secret albums, privacy features
  • Types of dating: Sugar relationships, casual dating, affairs
  • Registration: Free
ashley madison

Initially created for people seeking extramarital affairs, Ashley Madison has become one of the best sugar daddy sites. The platform offers convenient privacy features, like blurring or masking profile photos in addition to private albums. And the priority messages help users stand out among those who rely on standard messages. Like most sugar daddy websites, Ashley Madison is free for a sugar baby, but daddies have to invest in credits, and the prices for packages range from $59.99 for 100 credits to $289.99 for 1,000 credits.

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#4. Sugar Daddy Meet9.0 ⭐

  • Advantages: Winks, swiping, advanced search
  • Types of dating: Sugar arrangements
  • Registration: Free

Sugar Daddy Meet is a popular sugar dating site in the US, Canada, and the UK. It lets users be upfront about their sugar dating expectations, such as desired monthly allowance, and the advanced search filters that include annual income. Besides the traditional search, sugar babies can also use Spark, the stand-in for a swiping feature. And once you find potential partners, you can send winks and exchange messages. Sugar daddies can also leave private notes and offer first-date gifts to secure a date.

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#5. WhatsYourPrice8.8 ⭐

  • Advantages: Private photos, video messages, verification
  • Types of dating: Casual dating
  • Registration: Free
whatsyourprice site

Ironically, one of the best sugar dating sites reviewed offers luxury casual dating instead of sugar arrangements. So you can find a successful man, but you’ll have to negotiate the specifics of your relationship. WhatsYourPrice provides plenty of communication options, including live chat, video messages, and private photo exchange.

Moreover, WhatsYourPrice is dedicated to ensuring your safety thanks to background checks, safe dating tips, and 60-day access to the UrSafe personal safety app.

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Where to meet sugar daddies?

Finding sugar daddies in real life is challenging for younger women because they don’t know where to look. Based on our research, we’ve identified three most promising locations to meet rich men:

  1. Charity events. Tickets to charity galas are pricey, so treat them as an investment in finding a good sugar daddy. You can also sign up to work as a volunteer at an event to save money.
  2. Country clubs. Most clubs only allow members on the premises, but some have public restaurants or events, such as sports championships, that will let you get in and meet potential sugar daddies.
  3. Classy places. Most sugar daddies can be found in galleries, concert halls, upscale restaurants, bars, and hotels, though you’ll need to invest some money to get there, it is still worth it.

Another common way to meet an SD outside sugar baby sites is through acquaintances. If your friend has a sugar daddy, he may introduce you to some of his wealthy friends.

sugar baby looking for sugar daddy

Meeting offline is usually the polar opposite of what you’re used to on a sugar daddy site. So we’ve prepared a few pointers to boost your chances:

  • Make yourself attractive but not provocative to make the right first impression
  • Flirt and charm the sugar daddy without discussing allowance or PPM
  • Learn to read subtle cues and discern manipulation tactics
  • Try as many times as necessary, and don’t give up if your first attempt fails

Of course, sugar dating sites are a more familiar and comfortable option post-pandemic, but finding a wealthy man offline is also possible.

How to get a sugar daddy without meeting him?

Some sugar babies are not ready for intimate arrangements, especially after the pandemic, meaning you can foster an online sugar relationship. However, in order to succeed, you should:

  • Be clear about your sugar dating goals. Let sugar daddies know you’re not ready for face-to-face meetings early to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.
  • Hint at what your sugar daddy will get. Mention your preferences and dislikes to let the daddies know what they can expect from you.
  • Beware of red flags and scammers. Ignore all requests for payment and gift cards, and do not share intimate photos and videos with sugar daddies you barely know.
  • Be ready for virtual intercourse. Few sugar daddies are willing to pay for idle small talk, as they can get it for free on any social media. 

Platonic sugar dating is possible but less common than sexual relationships. You can keep searching, but do not get your hopes too high.

How to find a sugar daddy on Instagram?

sugar daddy on instagram

Of course, Instagram is not a sugar daddy app, but it’s definitely more than a social media site for exchanging photos. So if you want to seek sugar relationships via Instagram, try the following tips:

  • Treat your Instagram account like a sugar daddy site profile. Fill it with beautiful photos and flirty lines to attract a sugar daddy.
  • Avoid sugar-related hashtags. They are more likely to attract scammers than sugar daddies. Replace them with luxury brands and places (#porsche, #winetasting, etc.).
  • Follow luxury lifestyle and personal profiles. You can forward the posts with travel destinations or luxury item ideas from these pages to the potential sugar daddy to subtly show your interests and secret desires.
  • Learn to recognize scammers. Anyone asking you to transfer a small sum ($10 to $50) via ATM, cryptocurrency, or gift card is a scammer. In addition to that, you need to ignore nude photo requests and suspicious links, as well as block the users who send you those.

For a sugar baby, Instagram may seem like a more natural way of meeting potential SDs than sugar dating sites. But remember, the search will likely be longer and more dangerous.

How to find a sugar daddy on Craigslist?


Craigslist isn’t a sugar daddy site, but you can find ads or post your own to find partners for mutually beneficial relationships. So if you want to try to meet a sugar daddy on Craigslist, make sure to use the following tips:

  • Post in the right category. Posting among casual encounters under the personal relationships category will reduce the chance of your ad being removed by moderators.
  • Be honest and add details. Describe your appearance, lifestyle, and dating goals to attract the right sugar daddies.
  • Ask for personal details and photos. When you receive responses, learn more about a potential partner before discussing terms and arranging a date.
  • Discourage spam. When you get too many random spam responses, ask SDs to answer a simple question about something you mentioned in your ad. People who aren’t really interested in your offer will not answer it.

When using Craigslist to meet SDs, be twice as careful as when you’re using a sugar dating site, as scams and fraud flourish in personal ad categories. So learn to recognize scammers and block them immediately to stay safe.

How to attract a sugar daddy?

Whether you’re using sugar sites or charity events to catch a sugar daddy, catching his eye and getting a date requires some work, so let’s talk about attracting a sugar daddy.

sugar baby seduction

How to catch sugar daddy’s eye offline?

Attracting sugar daddies is more challenging without the benefits of the sugar dating site, but still possible if you put extra effort into your looks and actions. So here are some tips from our team:

  • Look your best. Use subtle makeup to highlight your beauty and pick clothes that leave enough to the imagination without being too revealing. Aim for alluring and seductive, not indecent.
  • Find things in common. Pay attention to sugar daddy’s surroundings and behavior and start a conversation about the details you notice instead of the weather.
  • Make your interest clear. Utilize every flirtation tool in your arsenal to demonstrate you’re interested in another meeting, but don’t overdo it so as not to seem vulgar.

Attracting sugar daddies IRL is a balancing act between seduction and moderation, but the more you try, the easier it will get.

How to stand out on a sugar daddy site?

Sugar daddy sites make finding a daddy easier and harder in equal measure. They are convenient, but the competition is ruthless. To become a successful sugar baby, consider the following tips:

  • Focus on profile photos. Browse the best sugar daddy site profiles and use what you learn to pick the best picture to draw a man’s eye.
  • Get a verified profile. The little check sign makes sugar daddies feel safer and shows you’re invested in starting a sugar arrangement.
  • Be creative. Most profiles across sugar daddy apps look the same. To get noticed, put some thought into your tagline and bio. And skip stock messages when you’re seeking a sugar daddy, instead, open with something personal.

Unfortunately, there’s no universal solution to attract SDs, so it can take some time to build a profile that will draw potential dates.

How to talk to a potential sugar daddy?

While your behavior won’t be much different whether you meet men on sugar daddy sites or offline, there are certain subtle differences we’d like to discuss.

sugar baby conversation

How to talk to sugar daddies online?

A niche sugar baby app makes talking to sugar daddies easier, but there are still a few implicit recommendations you should follow:

  • Establish common ground. Use the info you find in a sugar daddy website profile to start a conversation and stand out from other sugar babies.
  • Ask questions and share personal details. Mutually beneficial relationships are impossible without communication, as you need to determine how compatible you are with a sugar daddy.
  • Be attentive and cheerful. A typical sugar daddy wants all the positives of a partner without all the negatives, so keep complaints, jealousy, and nagging to yourself.

Just because you meet on a sugar website, your first message shouldn’t be about money. Build a connection before negotiating financial arrangements.

How to talk to sugar daddies offline?

Your first conversations with a sugar daddy should be flirty small talk, so the standard etiquette applies:

  • Be amiable and easy-going. Sugar daddies do not appreciate blunt come-ons in a casual setting, so be charming without going overboard with seductiveness, as it will likely push the sugar daddy away.
  • Hint about what you want. Share your dreams of traveling the world or becoming a country club member without making unsubtle comments about your financial struggles.
  • Avoid controversial topics. Politics, religion, gun control, and other hot issues aren’t suitable for polite small talk. Even if you have strong opinions, keep them for later discussions.
sugar baby with sugar daddy on a date

Sugar babies shouldn’t expect daddies to pull their wallets after one chat. Instead, treat the men with respect and care they deserve, and your sugar relationships will be more successful.

How to keep a sugar daddy interested?

The main rule is: don’t see him a lot. This sounds counterintuitive—we all know that familiarity breeds attraction and the more you see a man or a woman, the more attracted he or she becomes.

It doesn’t work like this in a sugar relationship.

Sugar relationships typically end when an SD feels like he is bored with his partner, yet it can also happen if a woman feels she doesn’t want to continue the communication. The more a sugar baby meets her SD, the faster he can assume he knows enough about her and needs a fresh relationship. Ignoring him and avoiding dates is not an option, too—so you’ll have to keep the balance.

It’s all about boredom—once an SD is bored, he’ll end it up and move on. The main idea is to have a sugar daddy conversation, ask for feedback from time to time (and give it), vary your look, and surprise each other. In this regard, it’s the same as with traditional relationships.

How to treat a sugar daddy?

It’s all about kindness, respect, and emotional support. That’s what many sugar daddies really want apart from sex—they want to feel the emotional connection. Treat him with respect, treat him as a person with feelings, not as an ATM, even if your relationship based on pay per meet system—that’s a very important part many sugar babies ignore. If you don’t ignore it, you stand out from the crowd.

How safe are Instagram sugar daddies?

There are no statistics available regarding the number of fake sugar daddies on Instagram, but there are lots of stories from those who were scammed by them—and it doesn’t look like this scam avalanche is going to go down in the near future. The problem with Instagram sugar daddies is that it’s easy to lose money but very hard to get them back (it’s an extremely long and nervous process).

Dating Instagram SDs would make sense if there were no sugar dating platforms or if these platforms were paid for sugar babies—but as long as there are dozens of trusted and free for babies websites, like Secret Benefits or Emily Dates, dating an Instagram sugar daddy makes literally no sense. This might be the answer to the question “how to find a sugar daddy fast”, but not to the question “how to do it safe and if sugar daddy expectations are sincere”.

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How to catch a sugar daddy: conclusion

The answer to the question “how to meet a sugar daddy” is simple—create an account on a sugar dating platform, upload some attractive photos, and set your desired allowance. Millions of American women do it secretly (or not so secretly)—you can become one of them tonight!

Our sources of information:

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