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Guide On How To Find A Sugar Daddy. Where To Find A Sugar Daddy?

Guide On How To Find A Sugar Daddy. Where To Find A Sugar Daddy?

How to talk to a potential sugar daddy? How to find a rich sugar daddy and keep him interested? How to get a sugar daddy without meeting him and is it actually possible? Read this guide on how to get a sugar daddy and learn how to do it!

Where to find a sugar daddy?

The only way you need to go if you want to know how to get a sugar daddy is sugar dating platforms such as Secret Benefits or SugarDaddy.com. They are safer than any other website you can use for this purpose and they are extremely popular. Such websites as WhatsYourPrice, for example, claims to have more than 2,000,000 sugar daddies.

Here is the list of the best websites to find a sugar daddy:

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You will most likely not have to pay—most sugar dating platforms are free for sugar babies. If you’re wondering how to message a sugar daddy, the answer is simple—you create a sugar baby profile, perform a sugar daddy search, choose men you like most, and start chatting with them, that’s all.

How to keep a sugar daddy interested?

The main rule is: don’t see him a lot. This sounds counterintuitive—we all know that familiarity breeds attraction and the more you see a man or a woman, the more attracted he or she becomes.

sugar baby looking for sugar daddy

It doesn’t work like this in a sugar relationship.

Sugar relationships typically end when an SD feels like he is bored with his partner, yet it can also happen if a woman feels she doesn’t want to continue the communication. The more a sugar baby meets her SD, the faster he can assume he knows enough about her and needs a fresh relationship. Ignoring him and avoiding dates is not an option, too—so you’ll have to keep the balance.

It’s all about boredom—once an SD is bored, he’ll end it up and move on. The main idea is to have a sugar daddy conversation, ask for feedback from time to time (and give it), vary your look, and surprise each other. In this regard, it’s the same as with traditional relationships.

How to treat a sugar daddy?

It’s all about kindness, respect, and emotional support. That’s what many sugar daddies really want apart from sex—they want to feel the emotional connection. Treat him with respect, treat him as a person with feelings, not as an ATM, even if your relationship based on pay per meet system—that’s a very important part many sugar babies ignore. If you don’t ignore it, you stand out from the crowd.

sugar baby with sugar daddy on a date

How safe are Instagram sugar daddies?

There are no statistics available regarding the number of fake sugar daddies on Instagram, but there are lots of stories from those who were scammed by them—and it doesn’t look like this scam avalanche is going to go down in the near future. The problem with Instagram sugar daddies is that it’s easy to lose money but very hard to get them back (it’s an extremely long and nervous process).

Dating Instagram SDs would make sense if there were no sugar dating platforms or if these platforms were paid for sugar babies—but as long as there are dozens of trusted and free for babies websites, like Secret Benefits or Emily Dates, dating an Instagram sugar daddy makes literally no sense. This might be the answer to the question “how to find a sugar daddy fast”, but not to the question “how to do it safe and if sugar daddy expectations are sincere”.

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How to catch a sugar daddy: conclusion

The answer to the question “how to meet a sugar daddy” is simple—create an account on a sugar dating platform, upload some attractive photos, and set your desired allowance. Millions of American women do it secretly (or not so secretly)—you can become one of them tonight!

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    • Hello, Vicky! There is no age limitation for sugar babies. If you feel like you’re able to compete with younger women, go for it – there are lots of sugar daddies who would love to spend their time with a mature, experienced, and sexy lady in her 50s. Read this guide to get started faster and easier.

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