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What Is Sugar Dating? All You Need To Know About Sugar Relationship

What Is Sugar Dating? All You Need To Know About Sugar Relationship

What is sugar baby dating? People talk about it all the time, but very few of them know exactly what sugar dating is really like. In this article, we not only give the definition of such a relationship but also list all its pros and cons.

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What is sugar dating meaning?

Researchers define a “sugar dating” as a mutually beneficial relationship between two partners where one, the sugar baby, is compensated by the other, the sugar momma or daddy, for his/her time. However, there is a very important thing that is not mentioned in this definition — the main “element” of such a kind of relationship is companionship. This is actually the most important thing that distinguishes sugar daddies dating from sex work — in sugar relationships, dates, spending time together, support, and conversations are equally or even more important than intimacy. Moreover, there is even platonic arrangement (which are rarer, though).

sugar baby after sugar dating

Sugarbaby dating” and “sugar daddy dating” is pretty much good old regular dating, and the only thing that distinguishes these two types of relationship is financial support — Pay per meet or monthly allowance or gifts — that are the essential attribute of any sugar relationships.

How common a sugar relationship really is in the USA

According to the statistics, there are over 3 million sugar baby students in the US, not to mention women who have already graduated. One of the most popular sugar daddy sites that we’ve mentioned above, has over 20 million members worldwide and about 5 million members in the US. So, obviously, sugar daddy and sugar baby dating is pretty common in the United States, and the truth is it’s becoming more and more popular every year.

Why people start dating sugar daddy or sugar baby

There are plenty of reasons why people do it, actually. Let’s take a look at the most common ones.

Why ladies choose sugar daddy dating:

  • It solves their financial problems
  • Daddies often become their mentors
  • They like more experienced men better
  • They enjoy great relationships without jealousy, too high expectations, and other problems
  • They have enough time for self-development, hobbies, and career
sugar baby with sugar daddy on shopping

But why do men choose sugar babies? Dating them make a lot of sense to men because:

  • They choose how much time they want to spend on dating someone
  • They enjoy a relationship without any pressure and expectations (especially, if sugar babies already know them)
  • They can choose incredibly beautiful women
  • They like the feeling of being a benefactor for someone
  • They like dating younger women

So, as you can see, that works for both parties. But what are the pros and cons of this dating overall?

Pros & cons of sugar dating

As we have noted above, sugar dating becomes more and more popular. On top of that, both sugar babies and daddies have their own reasons to choose it. However, sugar relationships have also some common benefits and disadvantages.

  • Both partners know what they want and are okay with it
  • There is no room for jealousy, negative emotions, and failed expectations
  • The relationship can be ended without heartbreaking experience
  • Both partners have enough time for themselves
  • Sugar babies usually meet a lot of Salt and Splenda daddies when looking for a sugar daddy
  • Some people still confuse sugar dating with sex work, so it may be stigmatized
  • There is always a chance that someone will fall in love

How to enjoy the pros without any cons? There are some “sugar daddy sugar baby rules” and tips both for sugar daddies and sugar babies that help them find really good matches and enjoy every minute they spend with them. And the most important of these rules is “Always discuss the conditions”.

How does a sugar daddy relationship work?

Generally speaking, there are a few main things healthy sugar relationships are usually based on:

  • Full transparency. A sugar baby and a sugar daddy who is going to start a relationship discuss all the most important terms, from the monthly allowance to the frequency of dates and special conditions. For example, if a sugar daddy is married, a sugar baby knows about it and follows the rules—doesn’t call or text a sugar daddy, meets him in specific places, etc.
  • No strings attached. There are different types of sugar relationships: they may be short-term or long-term, monogamous or polygamous. Again, that’s what sugar babies and sugar daddies usually discuss at the early stages. However, a sugar baby and a sugar daddy aren’t going to fall in love and should remember it’s still an arrangement. There may be exceptions though, but in the vast majority of cases, they stay together until it’s fun and beneficial for both.
  • Financial compensation. A sugar baby is always compensated by a sugar daddy or sugar mama for their time—this is the rule without any exception. Otherwise, this just can’t be considered a sugar relationship.

In fact, sugar relationships work pretty much like traditional vanilla relationships, and the things that we’ve mentioned above are the only aspects that distinguish them.

How to start a sugar daddy relationship?

In fact, the algorithm is nearly the same for a sugar baby, a sugar daddy, a sugar momma, or a sugar cub. So here are the simple steps one should follow to start their first sugar relationship:

  1. Setting the priorities. You can’t have a positive relationship experience without knowing what you’d like to get from it unless you are very, very lucky. Nonetheless, if you know exactly what you are into and what you aren’t into, it will be much easier for you to find the right sugar daddies and sugar babies online and discuss the terms of a potential sugar arrangement.
  2. Choosing a sugar dating site. At this stage, you just need to do some research. Find out where you have the best chance to meet a sugar daddy, sugar baby, or sugar mama who meets your basic criteria, and join this platform. Consider the competition, quality of profiles, safety, and prices.
  3. Make your own profile work. It’s crucially important to let others know what your goals and expectations are. Also, try to describe your personality, add your best photos, and create a catchy headline.
  4. Communicating with potential sugar babies and sugar daddies. You need to be friendly and nice yet open and direct. Keep in mind that money talk is just the essential part of sugar dating, and there’s nothing wrong with discussing allowance and terms of a potential arrangement. As for the rest, just as in regular relationships, you need to make a good impression and ask yourself whether you like this person or not.

Of course, sugar babies and sugar daddies can meet offline, too—we just analyzed the most effective way for people seeking sugar arrangements to meet each other.

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Summing up

So, what is sugar dating? Should you start dating a sugar daddy or a sugar baby? It’s always up to you. Just consider all the pros and cons and be honest with yourself when making a decision.

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