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SugarDaddy Complete Review: Prices, Features, Cases

SugarDaddy Complete Review: Prices, Features, Cases

Sugar Daddy is a site with a long history and over 650k monthly traffic. We decided to find out how valuable and enjoyable this sugar dating website is for sugar daddies and sugar babies, how much its services cost, and what features it offers.

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SugarDaddy Overview

📈 Visits per month:670K
Profile verification:Yes
❤️ Reply rate:90%
🌍 Most used in:US, UK, and Canada

Sugar Daddy Is Good for

  • Wealthy men looking for sugar relationships 
  • Wealthy men willing to pay for online sugar dating services
  • Sugar daddies and sugar babies who are ready to give their cell phone numbers

Sugar daddies can set up accounts for free, and no payment details or income verification documents must be provided. They can also search and view profiles of sugar babies without paying and use free ways to contact them (winks, favorites, etc.). Those who want to message a sugar baby will need to spend 10 credits to unlock a conversation.

Sugar babies can not only join the site for free but also communicate with potential sugar daddies without spending money. The gender ratio is almost equal, which is pretty rare for such platforms, so the competition is fair. Still, to stand out, a sugar baby will need a detailed and verified profile with multiple photos.

  • Very high-quality design and user-friendly interface
  • Strict user verification
  • The huge number of users
  • Quick registration
  • Opportunity to create more than just sugar relationships
  • The sugar dating website only accepts sugar daddies and sugar babies from 4 countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia)
  • Communication options are limited to text messaging only.
  • There is no sugar daddy app.

Sugar Daddy Registration Process

SugarDaddy is one of the best sugar daddy sites. Some people even say that SugarDaddy is the platform where you can find a partner for any purpose and easily join the local community. We decided to test the registration process by ourselves to give you the most accurate feedback.

The whole process took us about 10 minutes and consisted of several stages:

  1. Creating an account using a signup form on the home page
  2. Verifying your profile via email 
  3. Answers to questions: age, ethnicity, and others.
  4. Writing a headline.
  5. Writing a short biography.
  6. Adding photos.
  7. Verification by mobile phone number.
sugardaddycom registration process

In general, the process is simple and fast. The only disadvantage is that not everyone wants to share their phone number simply because they want to keep their privacy, but it helps the site stay away from fake accounts. At the same time, in the U.S. anyone can purchase a SIM card even without a passport, which is why the site is not 100% scam-free. 

How to Create an Excellent Profile on Sugar Daddy Site

  • Complete your profile with as many details as possible to make your account more appealing to other users
  • Fill in the bio section (at least 3-5 sentences) to let your potential babes know you
  • Add 4-8 photos from different locations so that everyone can see what a beautiful life you have

Popular SugarDaddy.com Profiles



SugarDaddy Prices

On average, male users spend $300 a month on dating site services but what about SugarDaddy.com? In this section, we decided to analyze the site's prices, how justified they are, and what features they cover.

Number of creditsThe cost of 1 creditTotal cost

Free Features

Create a Profile

We created a profile at the SugarDaddy registration stage and then periodically edited it, adding more and more successful words and photos. This process was rather easy-to-understand.

sugardaddycom setting up profile

Advanced Search

We appreciated the advanced search features. It is very convenient that you not only can choose a city, but also indicate the surrounding distance, and not just choose a thin or strong body type, but from a variety of options.

Adding to Favorites

We used this feature in the initial selection process, and it helped us save profiles of attractive sugar babies to come back to them later.

Paid Features

Priority Positions in the Search

When we switched to a paid account, our profile appeared above the rest in the search. It gave us five times more messages from sugar babies.

Priority Responses From the Support Team

We contacted the site support several times and received answers within half an hour, which is an impressive result, compared to 45% of sugar dating sites we have checked this year.

Sending Messages 

The built-in messenger isn't super functional, but it is convenient and easy to use. We used it as the main channel of communication with the sugar babies.

Overall, SugarDaddy offers average prices compared to similar sugar dating sites. In particular, on average, a regular user talking to 2-4 sugar babies can spend at least $250+ per month on this service. So if you are looking for an affordable sugar site, then SugarDaddy is perfect for you.

SugarDaddy Interface Overview

The SugarDaddy's interface is as simple as possible, and even if you have never used dating sites before, you will be able to figure out how this platform works.


To start searching for a sugar baby, click on the "Search" button in the site's top menu. After that, you can enter the parameters that are important to you, for example:

  • City
  • Distance
  • Appearance criteria

SugarDaddy offers many filters not available on other online sugar sites. For example, body type (curvy, slim, fit, and others), distance in kilometers, ethnicity. After confirming the filters, SugarDaddy will show you the sugar babies with the given parameters. You can also view new users and those who have been active recently separately. Everything was very simple, and we quickly figured out how everything worked.


To see the profiles of the sugar babies, we clicked on the photos directly in the search results. The information in the SugarDaddy.com profiles was very well structured:

  • A regular profile on the site contained basic biographical information (city, age, partner's desired age) as well as a profile picture. 
  • A little lower in the form of tags, there were more personal details about ethnicity, body type, and profile type. 
  • Also, among the profile sections, there was the About me one: it serves to show the personality of a sugar baby, if there is any information. In a few sentences, the girls talk about their character and hobbies, and 80% of profiles we’ve seen contained enough info for ice-breakers.
  • Below this section, we could see the What I'm Looking For section, where sugar babies talk about their wishes for the appearance and personality of a right sugar daddy.


To message a user, we used the Message button at the top of the page.

We noticed that most of the girls' profiles are filled in carefully and thoroughly. We almost always found at least one paragraph in the About Me and What I'm Looking For sections. The only disadvantage that we noticed is that there are a lot of sugar babies in big cities. At the same time, in small towns, the choice is much more modest, but this trend is also natural for other sugar sites.

SugarDaddy's Special Features

Even compared to other widely popular online dating platforms such as Ashley Madison, SugarDaddy.com has some pretty interesting and unique features, so let us take a brief look at those. 

Access to Private Photos and Videos

Each sugar baby can place confidential material on a profile to create additional intrigue. You can request access to them with a single click. If a sugar baby approves the viewing, you will be charged for the service.

Priority Search Results

Premium users have the option of first display in search. It means that you will receive more attention and more messages. If you are determined and want to complete your inquiry as soon as possible, this feature will come in handy.

User Blogs

All site members can read user blogs. It is an excellent opportunity to understand the psychology of people and get valuable tips on the topic of sugar dating.

SugarDaddy Success Stories

In the last 5 years, I have been working so hard that the only relationship I had was with my job. So one day, I decided to try online dating. Ashley texted me first and said she was ready to follow my tight schedule of appointments. We corresponded for several days, and for six months now, my sugar baby has been accompanying me on my business trips.

I texted Donna as soon as I saw her in the search results. It turned out that we have a lot in common but, at the same time, have completely different goals. She was looking for a permanent classic sugar relationship, and I need rendez-vous from time to time. Nevertheless, we met, and we are still in the process of negotiations. She's too good to be missed.

On the SugarDaddy site, I was looking for a long-term sugar relationship. I talked with many sugar babies during the week. Around day 5, I identified two favorites and met with them. I liked both of them, but I still settled on one sugar baby. We have been in a relationship for two months now.

Expert Take on SugarDaddy

Marty Cooper
SugarDaddy.com rate

The SugarDaddy site is an excellent choice for users who are just starting their sugar dating way. Strict user verification helps reduce the number of fake accounts, which means you will be as safe as it’s possible on such platforms. The site has also established a loyal pricing policy, which is good for your budget.

5 Tips for SugarDaddy Users

  1. Use the simple search if you don't know who you are looking for and the advanced search if you are sure of your requirements.
  2. Do not talk about money right away. Put it off until 2-4 dialogues
  3. Be friendly and fun, but don't overdo it
  4. Show your reliability and why a sugar baby can trust you
  5. Be honest in your intentions. Blacklists of users have not yet been canceled.

SugarDaddy.com vs. SugarDaddie.com

Both SugarDaddy.com and SugarDaddie.com are specialized sugar dating sites that are designed to be convenient places where SDs and SBs can meet. Even though the platforms have similar names, they are not the same.

SugarDaddy.com SugarDaddie.com
600K monthly visits 135K monthly visits
Around 55% men to 45% women Around 61% men to 39% women
Free registration Free registration
Credit-based platform Subscription-based platform
$59 for 100 credits Monthly subscription costing $22.49
Mobile-friendly Mobile-friendly
Profile verification Profile verification

Both sugar dating sites have their advantages and drawbacks. Subscriptions will work the best for users who like one-time payments, and credits are great if you want to pay only for what you use only. But what platform is better for you, is your choice.

Conclusion: Is Sugar Daddy Worth It?

SugarDaddy is a site with high traffic, a massive number of users, and a convenient interface for communication. Plus, the service is suitable for all men who want to try mutually beneficial relationships. But if you aren’t ready to pay for a mutually beneficial arrangement, this dating platform is not for you.

Marty Cooper
Marty Cooper is a professional writer and researcher. He is responsible for fact-checking, finding useful links and statistics, checking the details, and of course, writing posts for our website. Marty is our main sugar dating website tester—he analyzes all the factors and provides the distillation of the most useful and interesting data.
  1. Great site, although I still think Secret Benefits is better. Thanks for writing such detailed and objective reviews. They help you make the right choice. But I also advise you to rely on your feelings. Some sites are liked just for no reason… There is no need to resist them.

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