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Rules Of Sugar Daddy Conversation: Questions To Ask Your Sugar Daddy

Rules Of Sugar Daddy Conversation: Questions To Ask Your Sugar Daddy

Experienced sugar babies note that some sugar daddies just make them feel extremely uncomfortable even online. How to avoid this scenario? How to find out if you should or shouldn’t meet this sugar daddy if he seems to be absolutely normal and reliable? How to avoid disappointments related to payments, conditions, mutual expectations? The answer is simple — you need to know what are the right questions to ask your sugar daddy. And we do have some ideas for you.

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Right questions to ask a potential sugar daddy

How to talk to a sugar daddy? Here are some great questions to ask a sugar daddy via sugar dating platforms (here is the list of the best sugar daddy dating sites).

sugar baby making sugar daddy conversation
  1. What do you expect from your ideal sugar relationship? — This is a general question, but the answer can tell you a lot about the person and what he really wants from you.
  2. Have you had sugar arrangements before? — Ask it to find out if he is an experienced sugar daddy, and how long he’s a member of reputable sugar daddy websites, such as WhatsYourPrice or Secret Benefits. Moreover, there is a chance that he will tell you more about his previous relationships, women he likes, and how these relationships ended.
  3. Can I text or call you? — This is just a polite way to ask him about his marital status (though, if you met on Ashley Madison—the answer will be obvious).
  4. Are you interested in not-so-regular dates or a long-term relationship? — This is one of the most important questions, and the answer will help you plan your time effectively.
  5. What are your hobbies? — Learn about his interests more before you meet him.
  6. What do you think, when a couple should get physical in a sugar relationship? — Ask him about sex, but be polite. It’s much better than finding out that he is expecting sex on the first date after going on this date.
  7. What would you prefer, pay in cash or give gifts? — Consider his answer. Will it work for you, especially if you’re a PPM sugar baby?
  8. Are you looking for an exclusive relationship? — And again, that’s how you can nicely ask him about other partners, yours and his.
  9. What are the reasons for you to end a sugar relationship? — That’s how you find out what are the things that he absolutely hates.
  10. Would you like to become my mentor? — If this is what you expect from a sugar daddy, don’t hesitate to ask your potential sugar daddy about that directly.

As you can see, these are simple questions. However, the answers can tell you a lot about another person. Consider how to talk to your sugar daddy and what answers will be. Is he polite and well-mannered? Does he provide clear information on what he actually expects from a sugar baby and your relationship? Isn’t he rude or suspicious? Note that lack of information or rudeness is not the only red flag. Too generous promises, assurances that you will get anything you want after you meet in person, too many warm words and compliments can mean that you have met a Salt daddy, so be careful.

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Final thoughts

Some studies show that people usually express their worries towards the issue of consent and the safety of sugar babies. Sugar dating can be a great experience or a bad experience — the trick is to find out who you can meet and who you should avoid at all costs. We provided some leading questions that can help you understand how to talk to a potential sugar daddy and should you meet him. After all, it is not just about feeling uncomfortable with a sugar daddy but also about saving your time that could be spent on really good matches.

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