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What Is A Sugar Baby?

What Is A Sugar Baby?

Do you want to become a sugar baby, or maybe you’re now considering the idea of dating a sugar baby? You’ll find all the information you should know about modern sugar babies, their goals, “duties”, as well as the best sugar dating sites to find a sugar baby or start your sugar baby career in this guide.

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What is a sugar baby?

A sugar baby is an attractive, usually a much younger woman (or man, male sugar babies are also called sugar cubs, and they can date both sugar daddies and sugar mamas) who dates an older man, a sugar daddy, and is compensated for her time.

sugar baby with sugar daddy hugging

Note that sugar babies aren’t sex workers—that’s just a myth that should be busted. The thing is, sugar relationships aren’t like many people see them: a sugar daddy and a sugar baby are actually dating, and their relationship is closer to regular “vanilla” dating than most people think. A sugar baby doesn’t meet a sugar daddy just to have sex and get paid—a couple is actually dating, communicating, growing common interest, building an emotional connection, and often becoming half-friends, half-lovers.

They go on dates, walk, call each other, and keep in touch, but without falling in love. Of course, sugar babies, unlike women who have regular relationships with men, know the terms of the arrangement, whatever they are, and follow the rules and get financial support from a sugar daddy.

sugar baby with gifts

What does a sugar baby do?

We mentioned that sugar babies have “duties”. Of course, it’s rather a metaphor—everything is optional and must be voluntary, but here are some of the things that most sugar babies dating sugar daddies or looking for them on sugar dating sites usually do:

  • Improve the appearance and increase the intelligence. Again, it’s optional, but if a sugar baby wants to stand out from competitors (and nearly any sugar dating site has around 5 times more sugar babies than sugar daddies), she should focus on her looks—it’s not a secret that it’s what a potential sugar partner considers first. Not all sugar daddies care about appearance only—men on sugar sites are often interested in long-term relationships with a sugar baby and are looking for someone to talk with, too. Moreover, the better a sugar baby looks and the smarter she is, the more money she usually receives.
  • Set their priorities. There are different types of sugar relationships. All potential sugar babies should write lists of their own “into” and “absolutely not into” and choose the preferred type of payment (PPM or monthly allowance). Knowing your goals and priorities helps find the right sugar daddy and saves a lot of time.
  • Look for sugar daddies on a sugar dating site. Sugar babies who want to date sugar daddies usually use sugar websites—they are more effective than looking for a match through friends or at restaurants. Of course, the site must be safe and reputable.
  • Go on sugar dates and start a mutually beneficial relationship. Sugar dating is about communication. What sugar baby can do is reach and approach potential partners and discuss the conditions of potential sugar arrangements (again, it’s easier if you know exactly what you want and don’t want and what you’re ready to do). A couple meets in real life, has one or a couple of dates, discusses all the conditions, and they don’t necessarily have sex at this stage.
  • Follow the terms and get financial support. If a sugar baby and sugar daddy feel that chemistry and both agree to the terms, they start a sugar relationship. Everything must be discussed—the monthly allowance, exclusiveness, frequency of dates, all this must work for both. When the rules are set, both partners should follow them and just enjoy a relationship.
sugar baby and sugar daddy on date

Is a sugar baby legal?

As we’ve noted previously, mutually beneficial relationships don’t have much in common with the sex industry. Yes, most people who have a sugar relationship have sex. Yes, a sugar daddy pays for dating. However, he doesn’t pay for sex but for dating itself, which also involves companionship, building an emotional connection, and doing various activities besides sex, and that’s why sugar dating is legal. There was no single case where a sugar daddy, one of the sugar babies or sugar mommas were prosecuted for paying for dating a younger person or for accepting payment for dating.

sugar baby in bed

However, you should still consider that sugar relationships are in the gray zone. If you choose or pay PPM, and if you just have sex on a date, it can be considered sex work and paying for sex work, respectively.

How old is a sugar baby?

Generally speaking, most sugar babies are young people at the age of 18-20. However, if you browse profiles on a random good sugar dating site, you’ll find out it’s not always the case. The thing is, not all sugar daddies and sugar mamas want to date such young girls or guys, so the average age of sugar babies is around 25.

How much does a sugar baby “cost”?

It depends on many things, including the city where a sugar baby lives (the allowance or PPM rate in Los Angeles will be much higher than in smaller cities) and on the sugar baby’s age, looks, and even level of education.

sugar baby in wardrobe

Still, the average monthly allowance is around $2,500-$3,000, and the PPM is around $300. There are no maximum or minimum levels, but successful sugar babies usually get twice more.

What do sugar babies usually want?

Money and other material benefits are the first things that come to mind, but it’s not the only thing that sugar babies usually want. Most also look for the following things:

  • A partner who’d treat them with respect
  • A sugar daddy who doesn’t delay payments or violate the rules of their agreement
  • Clear terms of sugar arrangement
  • Safety guarantees, no violence or scams

Simply put, a sugar baby wants a good compensation for dating and readiness to follow all the sugar dating rules—the rest is optional and can be a matter of discussion.

sugar baby on vacation

Do sugar babies sleep with sugar daddies?

In a traditional sugar relationship, yes, they do. Most sugar daddies looking for sugar babies expect their relationships to be more like regular romantic relationships in certain aspects, including intimacy. Still, like any other rule, this has exceptions, too. In particular, there are sugar daddies who’re looking for virtual or platonic relationships, and though meeting such a man is a challenge, they exist.

Final thoughts

Sugar dating is just a new form of a relationship and more and more people like the idea of finding a sugar baby or a sugar daddy. It’s not sex work, and if you follow the rules and know what to expect, you can easily find a partner on one of the sugar dating sites and really enjoy your new relationship.

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