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How To Find Attractive Sugar Babies & Rich Sugar Babies in Miami

Miami is known as one of the sugar dating capitals. It has one of the largest numbers of sugar daddies (namely 2.68 benefactors per 1 thousand males) and even more sugar babies. What should you know about sugar dating in Miami? Find all the useful information in this guide. 

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How much does a sugar baby in Miami make?

Miami is the place where the highest-paid sugar babies live—they earn as much as ladies in New York, Atlanta, Chicago, and other cities with the largest number of wealthy benefactors. It’s not that easy to estimate the average monthly allowance, but if a sugar baby meets her sugar daddy regularly and is in a long-term relationship with him, she’s likely to make $3,500 on average. The PPM rate is around $500 (note that this is not the amount of money paid for sex, but for a sugar date). 

If we compare Miami to other cities in Florida, the allowance won’t be that different, but again, it depends on a particular city. For example, in Orlando, a sugar baby is likely to earn as much as sugar babies in Miami, but in Pinecrest, the amount is likely to be $500-$1,000 lower. 

Best places to find sugar daddies in Miami

Most sugar babies and sugar daddies meet each other online, most frequently on niche sugar dating sites. However, there are people who find future partners through friends, on social media sites, and also in public places. Here’s the list of locations where sugar babies have the best chance of meeting a sugar daddy and vice versa:

  • Rusty Pelican. This place has it all to attract the most successful people—the seafood is amazing, the view is spectacular, and the outdoor patio makes it easier for the guests to meet new people, have great conversations, have a few cocktails, and enjoy yacht watching. 
  • Smith & Wollensky. Smith & Wollensky is nearly equivalent to the world ‘premium’ in Miami—there, the richest and the most attractive guests drink award-winning wine, great steaks, and the best seafood in the bar, lounge, or outdoor patio. 
  • Watr At The 1 Rooftop. Looking for a chic rooftop in Miami? You won’t find a better place with more gorgeous ocean views, more delicious meals, and cocktails—it all can be found at Watr At The 1 Rooftop. 

Even if you are not into sugar dating or will not meet the partner you want there, these places will entertain you and give you that positive experience we usually wait from a good spot with good cuisine.

Pros & cons of sugar dating in Miami

Nonetheless, though Miami is one of the sugar dating capitals, building a sugar relationship there has both pros and cons, so let’s take a look at the most important of them:

The largest number of sugar daddies and sugar babiesHigh competition for sugar babies
Lots of places to meet sugar partners in real lifeHigher rates for sugar daddies who want to date the hottest SBs in Miami
Literally every good sugar dating site has lots of members from Miami
Not so strong social stigma in this city

Final thoughts

It’s really easy to start a career as a sugar baby or find attractive partners as a sugar daddy in Miami—this city is rightly considered one of the sugar dating capitals. So, if you’re sure that mutually beneficial relationships will work for you, choose one of the top sites or places to meet sugar partners and try your luck.

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