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What Does NSA Relationship Mean In Sugar Dating?

What Does NSA Relationship Mean In Sugar Dating?

Not everyone is looking for commitment, and the very existence of sugar relationships and no strings attached relationships prove this. Moreover, non-vanilla dating is nothing to write about as it’s more common than most people think. If you want to find a dating site where members would look for casual relationships of any kind, you’ll be able to do it without any difficulty.

However, there are pitfalls, too. We’re going to explain what NSA means for singles and talk about its pros & cons, so keep reading to be aware of what you should expect when starting such a relationship.

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What does NSA mean?

The terms NSA or NSA relationship refer to no strings attached, which means that a couple is going to enjoy the time they spend together without deep commitment, “required” exclusiveness, and support. In other words, it’s the opposite of a committed relationship. Note that though there’s no exclusiveness, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the partners will see other people – it’s just about not treating your partner as someone exclusive in your life.

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Many people are interested in starting NSA relationships. There are even special websites for those interested in a one-night stand, no strings attached, and non-exclusive relationship rather than vanilla dating.

  • Secret Benefits – the largest sugar website for those who don’t want to develop feelings but want to start a mutually beneficial relationship instead
  • SugarDaddy.com – one of the safest sugar platforms for those who want to save time and find a person who’d also be interested in an NSA relationship
  • Ashley Madison – the most popular website for single and married people looking for NSA and non-exclusive relationships on the Internet
  • WhatsYourPrice – one of the sites where a sugar daddy pays for a date with a sugar baby (no sexual favors for money, no profiles of sex workers)
  • Emily Dates – a sugar dating website with lots of members seeking an NSA relationship worldwide

What is NSA in dating

So, what does this widely-used slang term mean in practice? Here’s how it works: a couple meets, and the chat turns to affection and a potential relationship.

sugar baby with sugar daddy having fun

Suppose both don’t want to start a serious relationship. In that case, they agree to the terms of the NSA relationship. This entails the confirmation that they’re not looking for commitment, deep emotional connection, and intimacy, and start hanging out together, go on dates from time to time, have sex… They do everything that couples usually do, but less frequently, without learning too much about each other and getting too close.

It may sound weird to someone who’s never had such a relationship, especially when it comes to discussing the terms, but as we’ve noted above, there are many sugar dating sites where such a scheme is common and widely used by singles. In the case of sugar dating, however, the couple not only decides not to have a committed relationship but also agrees on a monthly allowance/PPM for a sugar baby.

Friends with benefits vs. No strings attached

Is FWB any different from NSA? In fact, yes, it is. It is very, very different in terms of emotional connection, emotional intimacy, support, and even the frequency of conversations.

sugar baby took photos of sugar daddy dating

Let’s talk about FWB in a bit more detail. Basically, friends with benefits are opposite-sex or same-sex couples who spend a lot of time together, know each other pretty well, are close enough to discuss all the things that happen in their life, and often have mutual friends. Yes, there’s sexual intimacy between them, but it’s not the primary but a secondary element of their relationship. First of all, they are friends. Of course, in this case, it’s much harder not to fall in love and protect yourself from developing strong feelings, and a lot of people consider this to be the biggest drawback of becoming friends with benefits with someone, and it’s nothing like no strings attached.

As we’ve noted, the slang term NSA refers to a relationship without commitment. Unlike friends, partners who start such a relationship don’t chat often, don’t know so much about each other’s lives, don’t think they must support each other, and don’t build a strong emotional connection. Simply put, they aren’t friends but are lovers. Yes, they also have sex (usually as often as friends with benefits) and don’t want to start an exclusive romantic relationship, get engaged, and then marry. But these similarities are less important compared to one important difference – partners always keep an emotional distance.

What does NSA mean for a sugar baby?

On sugar dating sites, many members are looking for this very type of relationship – thousands of people interested in no strings attached prefer looking for partners somewhere where it’s common instead of looking through hundreds of Tinder profiles hoping to meet someone who’d be okay with NSA. However, if you want to play this game, you should know and follow the rules, and for a sugar baby, the most important rules are as follows:

  • Focus on fun, treat a partner as someone you just love to spend time with
  • Don’t try to become close friends – that’s how people usually develop feelings
  • Remember that you should act according to the terms of your sugar arrangement, remind yourself that you are together until it’s fun and can split at any time
  • Don’t think your partner belongs to you; never get jealous
  • Don’t meet too often, and don’t let your communication (texting, calls, dates) be too regular overall
  • Separate your feelings and remind yourself you’re not holding hands – it’s just for fun and money, and nothing but it
sugar baby with gifts

These are the rules of crucial importance. Yes, there’s no denying that sugar babies and sugar daddies often develop authentic feelings and sometimes become friends, but if you’re looking for NSA, these are taboos. You may like another person, again, as someone you have a great time with, but no more than that, especially if a sugar daddy clearly indicated he’s not looking for a long-term relationship with a sugar baby. In this case, you should remember that you can break up at any time, which must be completely acceptable.

There’s another important thing to remember. Don’t lie to yourself. If you feel your NSA relationship isn’t that NSA anymore, leave before it’s too late.

Final thoughts – How do NSA relationships work?

NSA relationship seems like a perfect relationship for those who aren’t looking for obligations or responsibilities and those who don’t want to get hurt. Yes, it’s not so romantic to date someone just for fun, but if you enjoy spending time together, sex, dates, and don’t want to build that deep emotional connection, why not? In a sugar dating world, not developing feelings is not just common. It’s essential. And NSA actually works for millions of people who’re not looking for something more serious in their lives at the moment.

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