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Sugar Baby Scams: Full Guide On How To Spot A Fake Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby Scams: Full Guide On How To Spot A Fake Sugar Baby

Going to enter sugar relationships? Then, you have to know that it’s really not 100% safe. Sugar babies often get scammed by sugar daddy scammers, while sugar daddies, in turn, sometimes lose their money because of fake sugar babies.

In reality, the situation is not that bad—we can’t say that 100% of sugar babies/sugar daddies lose their money on sugar dating sites—but it’s still something you need to be aware of. Here, we’ll tell you everything about scammers, about the ways a sugar daddy can become a victim of scam, and about how to spot suspicious accounts on reputable sugar daddy dating sites!

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Sugar babies scam: US statistics

If you’re going to become a sugar daddy, you need to understand that there are a lot of scammers on sugar daddy/sugar momma websites. It’s not even about sugar relationships, it’s about any dating app—most dating apps can’t safely say that 100% of their sugar baby profiles are real and that a member will never lose money on them.

And when we say “a lot of scammers”, we really mean it. According to the statistics, in 2019, Americans reported losing more than $200,000,000 to romance scams—and in 2020, the losses to romance scams reached $304,000,000.

sugar daddy giving money to sugar baby scam

Taking into account the number of victims, this means that an individual lost around $2,500 on romance scam in 2020—and that’s surely not the experience you want to have (some men lose up to $20,000!).

Of course, we don’t want to say that any person who becomes a victim of a romance scam was a sugar daddy or a sugar baby. However, this is still a great example of how serious the problem is—and the problem is that when it comes to a sugar relationship, it’s even easier for scammers to find a victim. Why?

Because when you are searching for a partner on traditional (or “vanilla”) online dating and mail order bride sites, you don’t think about funds. Yes, sometimes, women ask men for financial help and want them to transfer money for various reasons—but such relationships are usually not about money.

When it comes to sugar dating, it’s all about “sugar” (cash), payments per meet, and weekly allowance.

When a scammer asks you to send money on a “vanilla” dating site, this is one of the biggest red flags. When a scammer asks you to send them money or a gift card on a sugar daddy website, this doesn’t raise a red flag because that’s exactly what sugar dating is about.

How can sugar babies steal your money? Top 2 types of sugar scam

Here, we will help you understand how not to become a victim of a scammer. But first, let’s talk about the scammer types—how do these people make men send them funds or give them cash?

Usually, there are two popular scenarios.

  • At the first one, a sugar daddy sends money to a baby’s bank account/credit card before they’ve met.
  • At the second one, a scammer gets your financial or personal information to manipulate you or/and to steal your money.

Let’s talk about both. 

Classic “send money to a sugar baby” scam

There are lots of options here, actually. One scammer might say that he/she has a bill to pay and needs you to send cash. The other one may say that she/he needs money to pay for gas or makeup, for student loans, or anything else. Some say that a sugar daddy has to send money to prove he is serious and real, some even promise to return the money after the date/dates, etc, etc.

There are lots of options and methods to get money from a sugar daddy before the first meeting—but it’s never about the real relationship. In the absolute majority of cases, when a baby asks a daddy to send her money or a gift card before the meeting, it’s a scam. Rich men pay to fake babies and get nothing, that’s how it works. That’s why it’s important to have a conversation on one of reputable sugar daddy sites, like WhatsYourPrice, before meeting and make a list of sugar daddy questions and answers.  

Blackmail and manipulation

But it’s not only about paying money—not all scammers want to steal money directly through text messages. Some of them go another way.

sugar daddy manipulation

Here’s how it works: a sugar baby asks the number of your account, your bank, or your password. In a few days, you get all your money transfered from your account.

There are lots of possible options here.

Some scammers are focused on credit card numbers and CVC codes, the others only steal bank information; some use Cash App and PayPal while the others use Venmo and WorldRemit. The result is always the same—the victim loses money from his card/ bank account and gets nothing in exchange.

Personal life details

But it’s not about fake sugar babies stealing money from sugar daddies. It’s also about your personal information.

Hackers steal your personal data for different purposes. Some may sell it to other scammers, some use it to use certain online services that require personal details, the others can even use this information to harm the company you work for. From credit card details to your Cash app password, from your home address to your SSN—fake sugar babies can steal everything, playing with your feelings and operating with information simply based on sugar daddy expectations.

Sugar daddy guide: Spotting a fake sugar baby

When it comes to spotting a fake baby on dating sites/Facebook/Instagram, it’s usually not that easy—after all, if it was easy, thousands of American men wouldn’t fall into this trap.

Here, we’ll make it a bit easier for you to spot a fake profile.

How do fake sugar baby profiles look? Spotting fakes

In the absolute majority of cases, scammers can’t (and don’t want to) spend too much time on creating a fake profile. On Ashley Madison these accounts get banned fast so it makes no sense to waste time and spend a few hours on finding photos and writing a profile bio.

They focus on quantity not quality—so the quality of the fake sugar daddy/sugar baby profiles is always very low (yes, this can be applied to fake sugar daddy accounts, too).

sugar baby scam profile

Both fake sugar daddy and fake sugar baby profiles always look the same. Let’s talk about how to spot a fake sugar daddy/baby online.

  1. No profile bio or a generic description
  2. 1-2 photos or no pictures
  3. Very generic answers to the personality questions
  4. Inadequately high activity with an empty profile

Sugar daddy scams: Top 6 tips to not get scammed online

Here’s what sugar daddies need to know: spotting a person who has created a fake account is easy and avoiding scams is not that difficult. You just need to follow these simple rules:

  • Google the profile pictures. Fake sugar daddies and babies always use photos from Instagram/Facebook, so it’s not that hard to spot a fake account this way.
  • Pay attention to the messages fake sugar daddies/babies send you. Generic messages are a red flag, as well as messages like “I love you and want you, send me $50 and I’ll give you everything you want”. Well, that’s quite obvious, especially for Secret Benefits support. 
  • Check the sites like fraud.org (the project of the National Consumers League) and all the reviews before you sign up on a dating platform. If there are lots of negative reviews, just leave it and find a legitimate website (a legitimate dating platform will probably be paid).
  • If you meet a sugar baby/sugar daddy scammer, just block it and report it. Always block suspicious accounts without any regrets.
  • No meeting = no payment. Never send cash to anyone before you meet.
  • Don’t share info that can be used against you. Home address? Phone number? Facebook account? Do not provide such information to sugar babies.

First date with a scammer: How to spot a fake sugar baby on the first meeting

Let’s talk about offline scam now. What if you finally meet a woman and she is a scammer? That’s not the most common thing to happen, but it is still something that can happen. Here’s how it usually looks like:

  1. You have a date with a woman you’ve met on a dating site
  2. Right at the beginning of the date, she requires you give her the full allowance (or PPM if you’ve agreed on a Pay-Per-Meet payment).

What to do on such dates? Just leave and go home, that’s all you can do. You won’t have any further dates and you won’t build a happy sugar relationship with a woman who wants your money right off the bat.

fake sugar baby

What to do if you got scammed? A guide for sugar daddies

Let’s imagine a sad situation: you got scammed, the payment has been processed, the bills are paid, and there is no chance for you to get your payment back.

What to do next?

What if you got scammed on social media platforms?

If a sugar baby from Instagram or Facebook stole your funds, here’s what you need to do:

  • Block the account of a scammer.
  • Report the scammer.
  • Be aware of the “recovery scam” (it’s when the scammer contacts you pretending to be the Interpol or FBI and telling you that you need to pay the fee to get your money back)

Here’s what you need to do if your credit card/account details have been stolen.

Stolen credit card or bank account details?

If you share the card details with a scammer, you will notice unusual purchases sooner or later. In this case, you need to report the purchase to your bank—after that, your card will be closed and you will most likely get a refund.

The same can be applied to those who shared bank/PayPal information with a scammer—in this case, you need to contact your financial institution and let them know what has happened.

Scam on sugar dating websites

The algorithm is always the same—you need to block the profile, contact customer support, and tell them what’s happened. After that, the profile of the scammer will be blocked and deleted.The main difference is that the customer specialists on sugar platforms are more used to fake profiles and romance scam. That’s why the chances are high that the profile of the scammer will be banned faster on Emily Dates and similar platforms.

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