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Platonic Sugar Daddy: Can A Platonic Sugar Baby Meet Her Ideal Match?

Platonic Sugar Daddy: Can A Platonic Sugar Baby Meet Her Ideal Match?

Do platonic sugar daddies exist? In short, yes, they do. As some researchers note, sometimes the arrangement is blatantly paid sex, but other times it is a deep platonic friendship. If you wonder why they pay for platonic relationships and how to find a strictly platonic sugar daddy, just keep reading — we’ll provide all the information in this guide.

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Platonic sugar daddy meaning

A platonic sugar daddy is a daddy who is looking for a sugar baby and wants to start a sugar relationship which typically includes companionship, regular meets, dates, and, of course, allowance or gifts, but without any intimacy.

Platonic sugar dating Vs. “classic” sugar dating: pros and cons

So, as you can see, there is only one difference between platonic sugar daddies and regular sugar daddy relationship expectations — it’s sex. It would be a mistake to say that platonic relationships are as common as more intimate relationships, but it would be also wrong to deny that they have advantages, too. In particular, sugar daddies and sugar babies start them because:

  • Both partners feel no pressure
  • Married and attached partners feel no guilt for spending time together (according to Secret Benefits analysis)
  • In a platonic relationship, you always know that it’s about your personality

These are the main benefits of starting platonic sugar relationships. Of course, it’s a win-win for babies, because they can be sponsored even without feeling sexual attraction to a sugar daddy, which makes it much easier for them to find a PPM date. However, the question is why sugar daddies may want this?

platonic sugar daddy on a date with sugar baby

Why do men become platonic sugar daddies?

Here are some of the most common reasons why men choose this type of sugar dating:

  • They are married (as the majority members from Ashley Madison) and don’t want to cheat
  • They are not so interested in sex and focus on spiritual things
  • They like to feel like benefactors and that’s the main reason why they sponsor ladies
  • They like to appear with a hot woman in public but don’t want to get really close

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why men may be interested in platonic relationships. In most cases, these are just generous and very rich men who don’t mind spending small (for them, of course) amounts on ladies they just love to see and talk to.

How and where can a sugar baby find online platonic sugar daddy?

Generally speaking, a sugar baby can find “no sex sugar daddy” on regular sugar daddy websites. Most good platforms, such as WhatsYourPrice and Emily Dates, let you choose the type of relationships you are looking for and display this information in your personal profile. However, we recommend indicating this once again in your sugar baby profile in the self-description section and providing all the details about what you expect and what you can give to a sugar daddy.

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Final thoughts

Researchers note that sugar daddy/female baby relationships tend to focus more on sex as a priority, while sugar momma/male baby relationships tend to be more about developing a nurturing relationship with sex as a possible occurrence down the road as a part of the relationship. However, there are always exceptions to the rules, and platonic sugar daddies do exist, and the chance to find them is absolutely real if you are patient enough. Being a platonic sugar daddy is normal, too. After all, sugar dating is about having fun and enjoying the time you spend with your partner.


Can I be a sugar baby without meeting?

Yes, such a relationship is possible. Many successful sugar men want to be in a relationship but don’t have time for real dates. In this case, they are looking for a woman for Internet flirting. If you can give a man vivid emotions even through the Internet, then a platonic sugar relationship is a good option for you.

What’s a platonic arrangement?

A platonic relationship doesn’t involve sex. There are several ways to enjoy this relationship type:

1) You are dating, but there is no physical contact in your meetings. Leisure, communication, and nothing more.
2) You communicate via the Internet. Most often, using a phone or webcam.

Both options are available. PRs are not as common as the classic sugar relationship, but still, they have their fans.

What is platonic intimacy?

It means that the two couples have a deep mental connection. At the same time, the relationship does not contain a romantic or sexual context. Most likely, such people can be called kindred spirits. They have something in common at a deep level, but at the same time, for various reasons, they do not want to create a classic relationship.

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