Marty Cooper

Marty Cooper


Marty has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology—he studied at St. John's University and worked as a psychologist for 7 years, so his experience in this field is quite impressive. Marty is also a professional writer, researcher, and fact-checker. He edits posts and guides of our writers and confirms details with a source, confirms identities and data—if you see the quoted results of studies/polls in the texts on this website, it's most likely Marty's job. Marty is a writer, an editor, and a certified psychologist—but his main role in our team is preventing our writers from using inaccurate data and fake sources. We want our readers to get 100% checked facts—that's Marty's main responsibility in the team. By the way, Marty is also a great author—right now, he is writing a book about psychology and fact-checking—he wants to explain the psychology behind when, why, and how people ignore facts.

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